Dying Light Gets A Hard Mode, Costumes And Weapons In A Free Update

The UK’s current chart topper, Dying Light, is getting some free DLC this week which includes a new hard mode, a wardrobe of new costumes and dozens of new weapons.


There will also be new “gold tier” weapons to discover and a couple of tweaks and bug fixes. I think we should give Techland and Warner Bros. a polite round of applause for supporting the game with free DLC, they could have easily gone down the Evolve route and released all the costumes and weapons as $60 worth of Day One paid extras.

The content has a slightly esoteric release strategy, North and South America already have the DLC, PC and Xbox One get the freebies today whilst PlayStation 4 gamers outside the Americas will have to wait until March 14th.

If you do want to splash the cash the The Ultimate Survivor Bundle DLC (which is part of the season pass) is out today for 4,99 USD/ 4,99 EUR / 3,99 GBP.

Source: Press Release



  1. I don’t have too much applause since my game couldn’t be played Co-op until a week after release, and perhaps this stuff that was held back at launch as it wasn’t ready, and is now dressed as “free content”. However, cynicism aside, I welcome the changes. I won’t bother restarting on Hard since I’ve made decent progress on Normal but the weapons and extra weapon class will be very handy!

    • Have to say I’ve not had a single problem with co-op. I did manage to jump outside the map the other night, that’s the worst thing that had happened (although it was quite fun)

      • Since the last patch it’s been perfect, absolutely nothing wrong – but it’s just incredibly frustrating when you buy something on release (£40/£50) and it doesn’t work properly – and when they had been aware of the issue a month before due to the digital release, and they went silent about any patch details until it appeared. Luckily I’ve had a good chance to calm down about it, and it’s a great game – especially the parkour and Co-op.

      • As I said, never had problem, and that includes the co-op we played on the digital version for the review. I can see lots of other people did have problems though, so we must have been lucky.

      • Yeah, and typical of my luck sadly. Oh well, all in the past now and I’m enjoying it.

    • With regards to the Hard Mode and the outfits, it was all voted by us very early on after launch. Obviously I’d want them to address bugs first but it didn’t stop the rest of the team leaping into action and sorting this out quite quickly.

      Still, bugs. Sort ’em out, Techland. Runs flawlessly on the PC version. :-\

  2. I don’t usually bother with DLC and other extras as I’ve usually moved on by the time it comes around, but my play time on this (and other PC games) is on hold while I do some PC upgrades, so any extras added is welcome..

  3. Can we confirm that the EU is not getting it until the 14th? We all understood that the patch was coming on the 10th (yesterday) in the US and the 11th (today) for the EU in line with the PS Store updates.

    I can’t find any announcement saying the EU is getting it now on the 14th, nothing in the press release.

    • Bit annoying, had one day off yesterday and wanted to get online with a buddy in the USA, they received the patch and now have to wait until the weekend.

      • Besides that awesome game, loving every minute of it so far.

    • “All this brand-new content is a part of the ‘Hard Mode Patch’, which is available on all platforms in North and South America as of today (March 10th). The update will come to Xbox One and PC for the rest of the world on March 11th. PlayStation 4 players outside of North and South America will receive their content on March 14th .”

      Cut and paste from the press release. Now sit down and write out 100 times, “I am a bad boy and should not question the writing of Mr Cub”

      • Ha I’ve read that exact same sentence on other sites but just saw no press release stating it from Techland, I watched their press release vid as well.

        Of course I always trust Mr Cub and TSA thus my disappointment at waiting a few days more for my play of Dying Light.

        Right, chalk and blackboard at the ready…I’m away to write my lines… :(

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