FIFA Updated In Effort To Put One Past “Illegitimate Coin Transfers”

FIFA 15’s popular Ultimate Team game mode – based on the buying, selling & trading of players via “card packs” – has been updated across platforms in a bid to curb what EA are calling “illegitimate” activity, and to create a fairer, more balanced gameplay experience.

With the new update, when you attempt to list an item on the UT Transfer Market, be that a player or consumable card, the set range at which it can be sold will appear, and you will have to set a Buy It Now price within the given range. This new range will be pre-determined by the FIFA team, and maintained across Xbox, PlayStation & PC in the interest of fairness.


The new ranges aim to make high-rated stars, such as Messi, more attainable, whilst also clamping down on third-party coin trading websites, who swap your real world cash for a guaranteed over-the-top in-game purchase of Peter Odemwingie for 27million coins, or something equally ridiculous.

EA have noted that the newly introduced feature is still subject to change, and “certain players may be adjusted in the future” as they work to improve the implementation of Price Ranges within Ultimate Team.

In conjunction with these changes, the game’s Transfer Market will remain inaccessible from the Web and Companion Apps.

Source: EA/PR



  1. Why don’t ea just sell coins directly to people, or do they already do this.

    • They sell “FIFA points”, which have a coin equivalent value, but the questionable websites are seen as far better value for most players who are after a quick boost.
      The addition of upper limits to the new ranges should mean we won’t need 7 bazillion coins for the top players though – making it easier to actually get new cards by playing, rather than paying!

  2. Also to note, co op seafons & normal seasons are broken thanks to the new patch.

  3. A valid effort, but it won’t work. They’ll find an easy enough way around this. And blocking the transfer market on the apps has completely nullified the only purpose of those apps.

  4. Ultimate Team has become a bit silly really. You can get Reus for about 30,000, so why would you bother paying 2,000,000 for Ronaldo. Sure he’s better, but not worth it when you can buy a brilliant 11-man team with the remaining 1,970,000 and when a persons ability FIFA probably makes more of a difference to a result than a few points between an 87 and a 93 rated player. For that reason I lose interest pretty quickly as I never pay more than about 30,000 for a single player – which doesn’t take that long to do. So once I’ve had fun building a decent team (say 80-87 rated players), I’ve not reason to go back and play more and save for better players as the leap to upgrading my existing players is so huge – I’d have to play for hours, maybe even days just to upgrade De Gea to Neuer or Fabregas to Iniesta. If this helps that price range in future, Ultimate team will be all the better for it in my opinion.

    • The new ranges are there to help combat the ridiculously high prices for certain players. I’ve yet to test it myself, but in theory the massive jump in prices shouldn’t exist any more, as each card will have an upper, as well as lower limit.

      • Yeah, that’s what I’m hoping – it would be great if the top, top players’ prices were more in line with the other players and not so ridiculously priced.

  5. It’s a horrible update.

    Maximum and minimum prices have utterly crippled the market. All the best cards are now practically extinct. If someone had a TOTY card, they’re not about to list it for less than half the price of what they paid.

    And the minimum is a woeful idea. It’s impossible to sell your card easily now- too many players all listed at the same minimum price, there can be no undercutting and bargain hunting. Without bargain hunting and with a price ceiling, it’s now impossible to get large returns on investments like you could be strategically buying In Form cards and waiting for the price to rise thanks to their scarcity once out of packs.

    There is now only one way to get the top players- play the extremely low odds EA lottery by opening packs. And how do you get packs if you have a low amount of coins? Pay EA money directly.

    A terrible money grabbing update which has upset a lot of people- the likes of me who has seen the value of their club fall by half (I have traded hard on IFs through this game, made nearly a 50 million coin trading profit. Now the max price I could get for selling all my players is less than 25 million. And the best players aren’t even available to buy for that.

    This could have been a good update for FIFA 16. But not halfway through FIFA 15. Thankfully I haven’t spent much on packs, but some people have sunk loads of money into buying them, and just saw the value of their club horribly diminished.

    The source of the coins people were buying was glitches in the PS3 game. Most companies would have patched that fix. EA just took the opportunity to grab more money off their customers and punish those who took the time to trade cards in their trading card game.

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