Lost Dimension Confirmed For PS3 & Vita Release In Europe & North America

Atlus has confirmed that tactical RPG Lost Dimension will be coming to Europe & North America, with a both a physical & digital release confirmed for PS3 & Vita. It will also be compatible with PS TV. The game itself is set a little in the future where the world is in ruin. A special ops team called SEALED has been put together to stop major threats, and each member of the group has a special ability. These include telepathy and the ability to predict the future.


However, the story doesn’t just focus on battles as this group also has a traitor, or traitors. During the game it is up to players to correctly identify who has switched allegiances, while at the same time levelling all the characters up. Failure to find the turncoat will result in them switching sides in the final battle, with all of their stats intact.

Currently we only have the US price, which is $39.99, and confirmation there will not be dual audio for the Western release.

Source: PS Blog 



  1. It plays like Valkyria Chronicles! Yes!

  2. I like the sound of the traitor identification aspect of the game.

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