Matchmaking Service Overdog Launches On Xbox One

Overdog, a free matchmaking service, is now available on Xbox One and is “coming soon to other platforms”.

“If you love Game of Thrones, the San Fransisco 49ers, The Black Keys, and OpTic Gaming, we think those factors should help determine who you play with when you sit down for a game of Call of Duty,” Overdog president Hunter Hillenmeyer told GamesBeat.

“Overdog can find the ideal gaming partner for whatever game you are about to play, and, of equal importance, we can help filter out the bad apples. A platform that makes who you are in the real world relevant to your gamer-self is long overdue.”

Now tickle me with a duster and call me Susan, but I can’t find any connection between me liking 146bpm hard house and who I want to shoot in the head in Killzone. Even if you are chatting on headsets it’s usually about the game you are playing rather than what you saw on television the previous evening.

Also what happens when Overdog matches two Manchester United fans together? Only one player can play as that team in FIFA leaving the other one miffed. What are your thoughts on the service?

Source: Twitter / Gamesbeat / Overdog



  1. I’ve always thought matchmaking could consider a few basic factors ie I’m 45 and don’t want to play Cod with 8 year olds, but really don’t want something as overengineered as this.

  2. A ‘Better Match’ to me is someone who isn’t being a c*** on the opposing team. I have no idea how you filter that out of a game, but I have a few ideas.

    I’m really not interested in chatting about ‘other stuff’ either. Chatting about the game, or something similar i.e. motorsport for GT6 or something like that, fine.

    I guess in the long run it might help some one or two people get connected more and maybe even becoming gaming buddies, but I see it being rare.

  3. If I was a cynical person I’d say that Overdog will prossibly make lots of money by selling your match making details to third parties.

    • Well they say they wont unless you specifically opt in, however..

      “Information that we collect from our users, including PII, is a considered to be a business asset. This means if we go out of business or enter bankruptcy or if we are acquired as a result of a transaction such as a merger, acquisition or asset sale, your PII may be disclosed or transferred to the third-party acquirer in connection with the transaction. Information Disclosed for Our Protection and the Protection of Others”

    • You’d probably be right there. They say they’ll share “aggregated information and non-identifying information” with 3rd parties for analysis, profiling and “other similar purposes”. Presumably that last one means “in exchange for a big sack of money”.

      They also declare your information to be a “business asset”, to be sold off to a 3rd party should their entire business model turn out to be ridiculous and the whole company goes tits up. (Those might not quite be the exact words used)

      Also, your “gender, date of birth and zip code” aren’t classed as something you can identify someone with, because technically it isn’t on it’s own. But it’s probably trivial to link that to someone if it’s combined with other information.

      It all seems like a slightly creepy and pretty pointless service, really.

      • They say they’ll share “aggregated information and non-identifying information” with 3rd parties for analysis, profiling and “other similar purposes” – Which backs up the rather obvious business model here. They collect your information, your likes about TV programs, films, music, etc. and tie it in with the types of games that you play, the times you play and the amount of time you play. The anonymous information is then packaged up in to nice graphs, PowerPoint slides/infographics plus a load of raw data, and then sold piecemeal to the various advertising and marketing companies.

        My concern for their model is that it’s very easy to replicate and I would be very surprised if Facebook or Google don’t already have something very similar in the pipeline. With their established userbase I’m sure they could wipe out ‘Overdog’ within a matter of weeks. I’m out.

      • @Amphlett the idea of it is you find people with similar interests and “friend” them from the convenience of the xbox, so unless MS approved a google or facebook app to do similar that shouldn’t be a problem.

  4. I’ve tried this out and it seems a bit vague and pointless. The various categories like sports, celebrities etc are very American focused and I didn’t have a clue who 90% of them were.

  5. I’d rather have a series of questions like this:

    Do you like to rush through games?
    Are you a trophy whore?
    Are you a completionist?
    Are you chatty?
    Do you have a great sense of humour and can tolerate the Welsh?
    Most importantly… do you have a headset so I can hear you or will you be “talking” from the air-raid shelter you currently inhabit back in 1942. Spend more than a tenner you tight-arse!

    That’s usually my list of questions but can be adapted for others. :-)

    • It’s perhaps so wrong, but I think this would work brilliantly.

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