WeView: Dragon Age: Inquisition

This week’s WeView sees us heading off to Thedas as we explore Dragon Age: Inquisition. I’ll be completely honest here, I don’t really know all that much about the Dragon Age series. RPGs don’t really interest me, and ones of the scale of Dragon Age seem more intimidating than anything else. There’s just so much to do that I feel like I’d never get anywhere.

Fortunately, it seems Sam is more a fan of BioWare’s epics, having reviewed the game for us back in November. The first difference from the earlier games in the series he picked up on was the impact that choices now make in Inquisition. While choices in previous Dragon Age titles felt futile due to the “inescapable linearity of [the] plot”, your decisions in Inquisition “slightly, and immediately, alter the world around you”. Although the choices you make “do not transform the game beyond recognition”, Sam still praised the way they help to give a “feeling of accomplishment at each milestone” while still “following the tracks of a pre-existing plot”.

The game’s “expansive maps” earned even more praise from Sam, saying they are “where its true majesty lies”. Impressively the game’s first area, The Hinterlands, is larger than the entire playable area of Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2 combined, an achievement that certainly deserves to be recognised.

More than the sheer size of the maps in the game, it was the fact each area features “its own characters and conflicts, territorial struggles and area-specific enemies” that Sam really loved, leading him to the belief that a single map could be an entire game by itself. He also highlighted the way that each area of the game has its own “visual and mechanical design”, saying that the variety helps to flesh out “a world that we’ve only had glimpses into until now”.

The game’s combat also drew praise, particularly in the way that it forces you to focus more on strategy. Limiting elements like potions and healing spells means that “defence and support in combat play a much larger role than before”, giving it an MMO like feeling, which is only heightened by “downed teammates now being revivable by adjacent allies”, something that particularly useful in the game’s multiplayer.

On the more negative side of thing, Sam bemoaned the way the game’s story eventually “becomes somewhat predictable”, and also felt that some mechanical elements of gameplay were frustrating. For example, the fact that “your character no longer moves to where you click the mouse (on the PC version), and will only interact with objects they are facing and are immediately next to” drew his ire, although he did note that the latter element of his complaint was useful during combat.

However, in the grand scheme of things these were relatively minor niggles, and Sam gave the game a 9/10, wrapping up his review with the following:

Dragon Age: Inquisition is incredible. It’s formidably long – around 40-50 hours for the main story, and hundreds more for absolute completion; it has a great cast of characters and, despite its predictable plot after the end of the first act, it makes some nice touches on the overarching themes of the series, and pays more respect to your decisions than any BioWare game before it.

As is the custom with WeView, I’ll conclude by asking you what you thought of the game. If you feel like sharing your opinion, be it positive or negative, then all you need to do is drop us a comment below. Remember to include a rating for the game from the Buy It, Sale It, Plus It, Avoid It scale so we can summarise the community’s opinion in Monday’s WeView Verdict, where we’ll also highlight a few of your comments.



  1. A huge nice looking game with loads to do, though I find the combat feels a bit disconnected.
    I haven’t got into the game as much as I thought I would, though that’s probably because I want it to be a new Elder Scrolls game!

    If you like rpg’s Buy it anyway because there’s not much else to choose from.

  2. Possibly one of the best RPG games I have ever played and picking it up for a reduced price on the store was an added bonus.
    I started this game not expecting much from having played the first two Dragon Ages. Highly disliked the combat system in the first two titles as it felt stocky and slow. But Inquisition completely revived this franchise for me by changing the combat to a more slick and smooth flow.
    As any RGP should be there was vass customisation options within your charactors background and image. With very interesting Race classes and background stories its very easy to play this game several times with a completely unique charactor. Also with a massive range of weapons and armour this game does not lose its excitment easily.
    But personally what really wins me over on this title is the ‘Tactical view’ during combat, its a fresh new twist that i have not seen before in an RPG game before but was a very welcomed addition.

    I could go on for pages about this game and the hours of enjoyment I got for it but I wont hog the forum :)
    Anyone who hasnt played this game is seriously missing out. A masterpiece, 9/10 and a MUST ‘Buy it’

  3. Dragon Age Inquisition, the game that got the time it needed and what was the result? A fantastic game although there are several things i dislike about it and concern me.

    The Graphics:

    The graphics are wonderful but i swear that certain characters look like they are sweating or wet when there is no reason for it but it could be a bug. I own the PS3 version and it does look excellent. Armour resembles armour instead of cardboard and Bioware avoided leaving the last generation of gaming behind.

    The plot:

    It’s better then DA2’s but DA2 suffered from EA refusing to give Bioware enough time to write a decent plot. Is it as good as DAO’s plot? Er… kinda. The first half is excellent but it pretty much falls flat on it’s arse and goes Mwahahaha, i am evil, stop me, stabbity, stab, kill. It gets really lazy near the end and the main antagonist had a lot of potential but Bioware dropped the ball. The Elder One is cliched and very generic. He is introduced as this big evil bastard and is crap at doing well, anything. The final fight was a massive disapointment as it was just too easy. I will admit, i don’t like what they did to the Grey Wardens but i shan’t say more for fear of spoilers.


    All of them are excellent and some surpass Origin’s companions! However, there should have been a lot more social interactions. For example, More drinking with the Iron Bull, more Seraing with Sera, more card games with Varric and so forth. All of them are memorable and you will remember them, even if you hate them.

    Side Content:

    Oh god, what the hell were they thinking? A majority of side quests are something that i am starting to dislike very strong. Bloody Fetch Quests! Bioware is said to have admitted going over the top with fetch quests and i swear, 80-90% of the sidequests are fetch quests. Oh and then there’s the ***** shards! Who’s great idea was it to put shards in DA:I?

    But i’m forced to cut this short due to Firefox playing up. It’s a BUY IT! But AVOID IT if you are only interested in the Multiplayer.

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