New DiRT Game Mentioned In Codemasters Job Advert

Codemasters have hinted that a new entry in the DiRT franchise may be on the way as they have tweeted “Graphics Programmer wanted for a DiRTy little game we’ve been working on.”


The full job listing confirms that the franchise is being worked on, stating the company is “looking for developers to work on the DiRT and Grid franchises.” The post also seems to indicate the games will be for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, rather than the older consoles.

Are you looking forward to getting DiRTy once more?

Source: Codemasters



  1. Showdown 2 please. That was one of the unexpected pleasures of last gen for me.

  2. I would prefer a rally game.

    • Yeah, much preferred the series when it was more rally orientated.

  3. I enjoy the rallying of Dirt but then i also really enjoyed the smashie smashieness of Showdown,but which is better? There’s only one way to find out…

    I’ll be happy with either both would be nice but i might slightly lean towards the fun and mayhem of Showdown.

    • Yeah Showdown was better (i.e. more fun) in multiplayer than Dirt ever was.

      • Yes indeed loads of fun,im even tempted to have another dabble on it at somepoint.

  4. Hmmm, I’d be interested in rallying in a VW Polo. Polo R WRC that is!

  5. Dirt for me lost its way a long time ago and Grid is following that path. Let’s see what happens when F1 2015 lands on the PS4 and XB1.

    • I kinda agree with the Dirt series, likely due to me playing the WRC Rally iterations as well edging towards overkill in my case, but the Grid series has become a triumph with the latest offering of Grid Autosport PS3, an absolute smasher that I still enjoy playing weekly.
      The article states that there are dev jobs for both Dirt and Grid franchises, this pleases me very much as a Grid Autosport next/current gen could endeavour to hail Codies finest hour!

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