Conker’s Big Reunion Coming To Project Spark

Rare and Team Dakota have announced that an all new Conker game series will launch inside Project Spark on 23rd April.


Conker’s Big Reunion will be the first in an episodic series which will feature the foul-mouthed hero. The series will take place 10 years after Bad Fur Day and will see Conker searching for his old friends. The original voice of Conker, Chris Seavor, will reprise his role as the much-loved squirrel.

Conker will be the first external IP to come to Project Spark, this will give players the tools they need to build their own Conker adventures. The Conker Builder Pack will be the biggest release for the game which is set to offer 200-300 assets, including characters, props, terrain materials, visual effects, music and sound effects. Conker the Champion will also be available in Champion’s Quest and Crossroads.

Project Spark is free to download on Xbox One and Windows 8.1 now but there has been no confirmation on the price of the Conker content. Conker’s Big Reunion: Episode 1 and the Conker Creation & Champion Pack will be available to purchase separately or as a bundle.

Source: Video Gamer



  1. Had a go with project spark.
    Not enough depth to actually make anything original and the game is totally soulless.

    shame, it had potential.

  2. It would be nice if they released it as a standalone title as well. That’d probably help drive sales.

    I wouldn’t be opposed to a remaster of the old Xbox remake of the N64 title either.

  3. rare just go from bad to worse…

    • When Rare sold out to Microsoft they sold their soul too. Back when they were with Nintendo they were one of, if not the best developers around. Its sad to see them now.

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