Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC Out Tomorrow, Timed Exclusive On Xbox & PC

EA have sneaked out the announcement of Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC and it’s out tomorrow on Xbox One and PC. Yep, it’s one of the darn timed exclusives.


For those who are unaware, “timed exclusive” is a concept created by people in suits at software publishers and is specifically designed to annoy the hell out of around half of their fanbase, whilst at the same time granting the publishers a bonus in some form. This could be money, extra promotion on the favoured format, or possibly a large bag of chips and a slap on the back.

Meanwhile their customers split in to two factions, the smug ones who are getting the “timed exclusive”, and the grumpy ones who are not. The rivalry between the two factions generates over two thousand tonnes of virtual bile and spite, and a recent study has shown that nearly four million mothers have also been insulted due to exclusivity deals.

There is a trailer for the Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC, but it’s not out till tomorrow which seems a bit silly.

Twitter has reacted to the news in much the same way it does when Justin Beiber takes his shirt off. No, it has, really, look at these.


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  1. Didn’t they say at E3 there was time exclusive DLC? (I could be wrong, I have no interest in the game so haven’t followed it closely, but I seem to remember something about this).

  2. Normally this being timed exclusive would really wind me up. However I have leant my copy of game to someone. So it gives me a bit more time before I need to ask for it back.

  3. Well done. They’ve probably just saved me some money in 5 simple steps…

    1. See DLC released but not on PS4.
    2. Buy something else instead.
    3. Forget it was even a thing.
    4. Somehow fail to notice eventual PS4 release.
    5. Pick it up cheap when it’s on sale several months later.

    Or possibly…

    1. Realise it’s just a timed exclusive on mostly extra hats or horse armour or some other pointless shit, or it’s actually only 30 minutes long.
    2. Save even more money by not bothering. And you get to feel all smug about not encouraging this timed exclusive DLC nonsense.

  4. It’s called Jaws of Hakkon and seems to be about…….




    stuff in THEDAS that continues the end of Inquisition?

    Seriously, did no-one at EA think to advertise the DLC for one of 2014’s biggest games? Or is it a rushed add-on that adds only 1 hour’s worth of content and they know it’s rushed?

    As usual, i’ll wait for the complete edition if Bioware decides to do a complete edition after they are finished with DA:I.

    • Inquisition felt finished. Was it really an EA game because wtf thats not how you develop AAA Video games.

      • I disagree, i felt that Inquisition needed another 6 months in development to flesh out the world, add more content etc.. Bioware has no plans to abandon DA:I after the ending and they will support it for at least a year.

  5. Hey, there was no announcement of this announcement! I’m OK with that.

  6. Seems too quiet for an announcement. Very strange. Anyway, I’m hoping this is an expansion than an addon that adds 3 hours of gameplay and some items. Timed exclusivity doesn’t fuss me long as it isn’t a year.

  7. From what I can gather the ladies seem to be crazy for The Jaws of Harken.

  8. Could be an hour worth of content that serves the single purpose of fulfilling their DLC contract with M$.

    • Oh and to add, it’s not an exclusivity deal. It’s an exclusion deal. It’s out on the PC. They were paid to not release it on the PS4. A very different thing from paying to have it exclusively for a short period on a single platform. Quite sordid, infact when I think about it and absolutely an EA and MS type of move were the consumer is a distant last place in any decision made.

      • Have you got a copy of the deal they signed then?

      • Keep in mind that Windows is also a Microsoft platform as well. There’s no other PC version available.

      • They announced it as an XBox One timed exclusive I seem to recall. It isn’t. If they had announced it as it actually is I would likely have bought the PC version as I would assume many others would have. This is something they likely new which is why the actual release was so short quarter when it came to the announcement. I stand by what I said. As exclusivity deals go it’s a pretty crappy one.

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