The PS3 & Xbox 360 Versions Of Dragon Age: Inquisition Won’t Get Future DLC

Dragon Age: Inquisition is a rather large game and Bioware has plans to continue supplying DLC for it, but only on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. If you bought the last generation edition of the third entry to the series then you may be disappointed to learn they will no longer be supported with future DLC. However, if you want to upgrade to the new generation of consoles and continue playing then you can import your save.

The instructions on how to do so are located on this page, and includes details on how to import/export both single player and multiplayer progress. You won’t be able to import data across console families, so no starting on Xbox 360 then continuing on PS4 if you were thinking of doing that. There also is no option import or export data from the PC version of the game. The ability to import and export will be available with the release of patch 8.

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  1. Many developers have made the same decision…Blizzard are adding content to Diablo 3 on PS4/X1 but not on PS3/X360…it makes sense.

    • It so doesn’t. All developers should finish what they’ve started, anything less is a bit disgraceful.

      • No it isn’t…as Blizzard have stated, and I suspect is true with Bioware, their games on lastgen push the limits of it and adding more content will make the product have performance issues.

        Also, the development cost of doing both gens outweights the returns you get.

        In Blizzards case they stated prior to release that the game would be released on lastgen but no content patches would be forthcoming.

        Lastgen is called that because it is lastgen, if you buy a new game that is also out on current gen then you have to expect it may not have the same support as current gen.

        This will be a commercial and technical decision.

      • Oh it makes sense to them, but not to us gamers that deserve to have the games we bought fully supported.

        Diablo 3 has been supported on PS3 in the sense that the Evil Edition released, so fair enough. But with Dragon Age, Bioware just suddenly decide to cut support in raw DLC. Imo they should have at least finished what they started. Other Devs have done that.

      • whatever you think about discontinuing content for the last gen versions, telling people with those versions that they won’t be getting any more content while also trying to sell them the current gen version is, well a little tactless.
        to say the least.

      • As a constant member of the Blizzard forums and playind D3 everyday since last August I can tell you D3 has NOT been supported at all by Blizzard on lastgen. They released the Evil Edition on both lastgen and currentgen but have added massive amounts of contents to currentgen and not one thing to last gen because they can’t, it would suffer if they did but the point is they released it on lastgen AND advised they could not add any content to it. If you look at the D3 forums they are awash with people complaining like you about it but as I say companies are releasing the game on currentgen and lastgen but a lot will not add content to lastgen because of a) technical capabilities and b) development cost v returns.

        Lastgen is 8 years old, its had its day, companies cannot be expected to continue to support it. They are good enough to actually release their game on lastgen, to have DA:I and D3 on lastgen is incredible but you cannot expect the right to have DLC.

  2. Just plain silly all round. The game was sub par on last gen consoles, when other multi-gen games like Watch Dogs, Alien, and Diablo were running wonderfully on PS3. And now Bioware cut content just to reaffirm they don’t care about it.

  3. “we’re not gonna make you any more DLC, but please buy the game again on a new format”.

    yeah, i can see that going down well. >_>

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