Super Mega Baseball Coming To PlayStation In Europe This Week

Having previously hit the American PlayStation store a while back, Metalhead Software have announced that Super Mega Baseball will land on the EU PlayStation store this Wednesday for both PS3 and PS4.


In addition to a single player mode there are head-to-head, 2v1, 2v2, or co-op vs the CPU options, along with full statistics, realistic simulation and physics, and plenty of customisation options including female players.

“Baseball’s popularity may be concentrated in a select handful of countries, but regardless of where you’re at or what level of familiarity you have with baseball, I can assure you we’ve designed SMB to be both an accessible gateway to a wonderful sport, and a fun and pure video game in its own right,” explained Scott from Metalhead Software.

“Just as Shooting a Monster in the Face is a solid premise and provides an excellent underlying rule set for a video game, Smashing a Ball Over a Fence With a Stick is an equally wonderful and glorious premise!”

Source: EU Blog


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  1. Looks like something you’d find on a Nintendo console, really. Bright and colourful and not entirely serious. Although everything I’ve read about it seems to suggest it’s a proper sports game from people who enjoy sports but who realise that making a fun to play game is more important than chucking loads of money at people who have already got loads of money.

    And it’s hovering around 85 on Metacritic.

    Plus they neatly described baseball for non-Americans as “rounders on a giant field where everyone is wearing really nice pajamas”, which amused me.

    Could be worth a look, although there’s no price yet. $19.99 on the US store, so £15.99 here? PS3 and PS4 versions included though.

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