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WeView Verdict: Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

When you’ve got people refusing to buy your game on principle, you know you’ve done something wrong. I wasn’t expecting an overwhelmingly positive response to Ground Zeroes, but I certainly didn’t think we’d get comments from people who actively avoided buying the game due to its length, let alone fans saying they refused to pick it up. I mean MrJimmy wears “a limited edition MGS4 watch most days”, yet said they didn’t want “to waste nearly full price money on 5% of a game”. That is about as damning of an indictment of a game as you can get.

That’s not to say that those of you who actually parted with their hard earned money for the game were any more impressed, with james.warne.jw complaining that “there is nowhere near enough content”, despite paying just £7 for their copy. The Lone Steven wasn’t happy either, noting that the main mission simply isn’t long enough and calling the game’s side missions “pure filler”.

Even those who were somewhat positive felt it was too short, with Kennykazey saying that while they “liked the game” it only took them about 50 minutes to complete the main mission, leaving them with the feeling that “the only problem is how short it is”. Foxhound_Solid took a similar stance, calling Ground Zeroes “beautifully presented” and praising its “genuine atmosphere and tension” while also coming to the conclusion that it “should have been dropped as a demo or at best a Metal Gear Chapter via the PSN for £4.99”.

There were, however, some who stood in defence of the game. Eldur was actually surprised by how much of a battering the game was taking from other commenters over its length. Instead they praised the game’s shorter length, feeling that “doing away with Kojima-san’s traditionally lengthy expositions” and instead “dropping the player into a sandbox in which they can experiment” made the game “much tighter and more dynamic than many of the previous entries” in the series.

CrawFail also came to the game’s defence, pointing out that despite its length, Ground Zeroes is “pretty bloody good”. In particular, they praised the way “infiltration methods can vary hugely with each play through” of the main mission, vastly improving the game’s replayability. PrebbLord picked up on this too, saying that there’s a “lot of freedom on how to approach each mission” which is “a massive improvement for the series gameplay-wise”.

Finally, we return to negative side of things with TSBonyman. They really don’t seem all the pleased with their Ground Zeroes experience:

Apart from the fact that a paid demo is just wrong, playing said demo has only dampened my enthusiasm for Phantom Pain. Avoid It.

Despite those who backed the game, things still didn’t end all that well for Ground Zeroes. While there were five of you who rated the game as a Buy It, and one vote for Sale It, we were left with a tie between Plus It and Avoid It at six votes each. That doesn’t even take into account those who simply refused to buy the game and didn’t vote, although those do tip general sentiment more in Avoid It’s favour.

With Ground Zeroes still reeling, we’ll be turning our attention to Alien: Isolation in tomorrow’s WeView. You can also vote for next week’s WeView in the poll below, which sees Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 taking Alien’s spot.


  1. Interesting to see the backlash but also interesting to see if it affects the franchise going forward. The one thing that saddens me is when a franchise is popular enough that even if the game is terrible, it can still earn a mint. I’m not talking about the Battlefields or the CoDs, as they score well, but the Aliens: Colonial Marines of this world. A game that was very poorly received by all and sundry yet managed to be something like the sixth best selling game for a good portion of the (release) year. Rewarding titles like that discourages publishers to do better, I reckon.

    • Also shows just how unimportant review scores – and metacritic are.

    • To be fair, Aliens was discounted to a disgusting degree by retailers. When there’s a relatively recent game with a big name on it going for a tenner, it’s going to shift a fair few copies, but that artificially inflates its position in the charts and sales figures without drawing in anywhere near the same kinds of revenue, and it will still tarnish the brand for those that do play it.

      • People were dying for a decent Alien game at that point and Colonial Marines was touted as being just that. Same with Metal Gear really, it’s been years since a Solid game so people were bound to jump on it, regardless.
        Anyway, I do believe that MGS:GZ is currently on sale on the store for about a fiver. Well worth a buy at that price.

  2. For the record I’m quite a big MGS fan, but thus far have refused to buy this due to the price and what you get. I’m sure it’s fun but until it’s at a much more reasonable price I won’t consider picking it up.

  3. Despite me feeling it is an Avoidable game, it is quite good. Just don’t buy it until MGS:TPP comes out and if you can get it for no more then £5 if you just want it for the bare bones plot or want a glorified Demo.

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