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GTA V’s Latest Trailer Showcases 60fps Gameplay On PC

It was pretty obvious from the get go that GTA V was built with the then next generation of console hardware in mind, and when it burst onto the PS4 and Xbox One, it brought with it some huge graphical improvements that really helped to bring the world that Rockstar had created to life. Though it’s been delayed a few times ahead of its now final April 14th release, the PC version of the game looks to go one better.

Though powerful, the current set of consoles aren’t really pushing technology to the limits, meaning that a powerful PC can quite easily outstrip them for raw graphical grunt, and, with the recent patches on console actually stepping certain effects back, GTA V on PC should be the most uncompromising graphical version of the game. Just check out the following trailer to see the game in action on PC and at that golden 60fps mark.

Just be aware, to see even just this video at its best, you will want a relatively recent phone, tablet or computer. Nothing extravagant, but my aging laptop from 2008 really struggles…

Source: Rockstar


  1. My samsung s5 played this video horribly :(

    The video though..once watched correctly.. wow. I wonder why they couldnt do this on the Ps4 -.- looks amazing!

    • Because the PS4 was even at launch a relatively midranged GPU combined with a large number of low power CPU cores. Yes, developers can get a lot more out of that than a comparable PC, because they’re working to a set target and can optimise to suit, but it’s only when you stick a very powerful CPU and a top tier GPU that the gloves can truly come off.

      • With the way the economy is today. A top tier pc where the glove can truly come off os like a bitter sweet dream :(

      • GTAV was just a last gen port. they could have easily gotten it to 60 fps if they actually wanted to or at least lower the resolution to 900p or even 720p. these consoles aren’t that powerful but still powerful enough. PS4 version runs Metro Redux which are infamous for their performance on even high end machines managed a solid and i mean solid 60 for with no single drop. i could care less about 1080p as its nothing special. 60 fps is essential.

  2. 60FPS looks so strange in cut-scenes still (to me). Shame that there’s zero in-game footage but I don’t doubt it’ll be very, very pretty. :-)

    • 60 fps looks strange to you because your used to games running like slideshows on consoles.

      • Sadly not. I do most of my gaming on a tasty PC at 60 FPS or more. Just think it looks weird for cut scenes. Always has (to me). :-/

  3. I wonder what spec PC you need to run this at 60 FPS

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