WeView Verdict: Alien: Isolation

This time it's the verdict.

It’s pretty clear that there’s a lot of love out there for love Alien: Isolation. While people seemed pretty underwhelmed by Ground Zeroes last week, the pendulum has truly swung to the other extreme this week. There really was an outpouring of praise for Alien: Isolation from the community, with few speaking out against the game.

The central thing that seemed to draw comment was just how well the game represents its source material. homerjnick said Isolation “does a sterling job of giving you the impression you are in the Alien universe”, while NotSmartEnough simply said that the “attention to detail in the setting and sound design is excellent”. Crazy_Del took a similar stance, going so far as to compare it “side by side with the Alien Movie”, finding that the game’s representation “is identical which is really awesome and impressive”.


Gameplay wise, many highlighted how well the game handles its survival horror core. Among them was CrawFail, who called it “survival horror done right for the first time in a long time on a console”. Andrewww picked up on the same element, saying that Isolation is “survival horror of the finest [kind] I’ve ever played”, and Paulo Vinicius Radtke naming it “one of the most innovative takes on the survival horror genre”.

Then, of course, there’s the Alien, the game’s centrepiece. We’ll start with JR. who praised the “spontaneity” that the Alien’s AI brought to the game, saying it “filled every adrenaline-fuelled encounter with the Alien with dread”. The AI also drew praise from cam_manutd, who enjoyed the way you can really feel a “supremely intelligent AI enemy on your back”, saying it sets Isolation apart from games like Outlast. Then there’s homerjnick, who found that “the dread of the Alien is very much real”, leading them to spend a fair chunk of the game “hiding in lockers, cupboards and under the floor”.

Among this wave of positivity there were a few doubters. While Tuffcub did enjoy the game’s atmosphere, he was incredibly frustrated by Amanda Ripley’s inability to “JUMP OVER A TWO FOOT BARRIER”. The fact that “Amanda is welded to the floor” lead him to frequently encounter promising looking escape routes that were blocked by tiny obstacles. On the same side of the fence was JustTaylorNow, who felt that “the novelty wore off” too quickly, leaving the game a “rinse & repeat” experience.

For our final comment of the week we return to the positive with JR.’s thoughts on the game. While I’ve already dipped into JR.’s lengthy comment supporting the game, it was their first paragraph that really leapt out at me:

In a time when we get the same recycled ideas over and over again, sequels and prequels and reboots of old franchises, Alien Isolation is a much needed breath of fresh air and one of the scariest, most atmospheric games I’ve ever played.

So finally it’s time for us to take a look at your verdict. While there was a single vote for Avoid It, Buy It picked up the remaining eleven votes. It’s worth pointing out that cam_manutd’s vote was to “buy it at a reasonable price”, which you could classify as a Sale It if so inclined, but Buy It still more than easily comes out on top.

In tomorrow’s WeView we’ll be looking at one of the best party games out there, Towerfall Ascension. Taking its place in the poll for next week’s WeView is Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.


  1. Sounds good,I’ll have to get this at some point.

    • Picked it up couple of days ago, £17.99 in Sainsbury’s atm! Really enjoying it so far.

  2. Sounds like something I’d enjoy quite a lot. Hoping it will be on Plus sometime.

  3. Go get as it is under £20 it is worth the money. Requires two Playthroughs for the Platinum. Play on Hard difficulty for the scare experience! It is that good! xD

  4. It’s a quality game (after they fixed the technical issues) and I paid £40 for it, one of my rare day one purchases, well worth it IMO.

    I played it on Hard with no guides or walkthroughs and it was just the experience a game should deliver.

    There must be a sequel…

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