Swiss Site Lists Remastered Uncharted Trilogy For PlayStation 4

Rumours of a remastered Uncharted trilogy have been wafting around the ether for quite a while and now a Swiss website has listed the original three games for PlayStation 4.


The box art looks like the real deal to me and the release date of the end of September would fill the rather large Uncharted 4 shaped hole in Sony’s schedule.

Naughty Dog have previously stated they are too busy working on Uncharted 4 to remaster the original three games, but we do know they now run two teams in tandem. Perhaps the success of The Last of Us remastered persuaded them to invest the time in remaking Drake, or maybe another team within Sony has been handed porting duties.

Of course this could just be placeholder made up by the staff of swiss retailer CeDe. Paws crossed, eh?

Source: CeDe



  1. I never got around to playing any of the Uncharted games, aside from a brief play of the demo of the original, so I’d definitely give this a go

  2. Oh, and the original article has been removed… Hmmm

  3. Yeah hope this is true. Not really a fan of remastered games but would like to see this trilogy done.

  4. The covers are fake as seen here if you scroll down:

    I would like this to happen though!

  5. Loved the first 2 especially the second, the 3rd just felt scruffy to me. Jerky cut-scenes and that awful running through the market whilst high on whatever was painful.
    I only played the 1st one once and on release so i’d look forward to that.

  6. Nice that Uncharted gets to look fresh for new players but the originals were already done right in HD. No “Shadow of the Colossus” frame rate problems in those games…

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