Farming Simulator 15’s Debut Console Trailer Crops Up

Just over a month before Farming Simulator 15 is due to plough its way onto home consoles, and a brand new trailer for the game has cropped up.


I’ve got to admit, that teaser has me strangely interested, and the promised “excitement of owning your own collection of authentic tractors” and “the joys of animal husbandry” being “brought to life by a brand new graphics and physics engine” mean I may never leave the house again.

The title promises an immersive virtual farming experience, and, exclusively on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Farming Simulator 15 introduces playable multiplayer for consoles, allowing would-be Wurzles amongst us to “increase [your] daily productivity by working together and cooperating on the bigger challenges of farming life, allowing you to build a successful farm quicker than ever!”

And finally, just incase you’re still not in the mood…

Farming Simulator 15 will be available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One & Xbox 360 from May 19.

Source: PR.