Farming Simulator 15 Moo-ves To Consoles On May 19th

Farming Simulator 15 has already sold just under one million copies on PC and lucky consoles owners will be able to plough in to the game this May.

Boasting new graphics and and brand new physics engine this will be the first time the series has released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and there will be Xbox 360 and PS3 versions as well. The console version will also include multiplayer (multiplougher?) for the first time.


There are “hundreds of acres of land” in both the new Nordic and renovated North American environment, over 140 authentic vehicles and farming tools, and a selection vehicles and tools entirely dedicated to woodcutting.

Source: Press release



  1. A-maize-ing news! I can barely contain myself! Can’t wheat to play it.

    • You should have said ‘barley’ instead of barely!

      • I knew the puns would be corny.

  2. After being told off on previous posts about wood cutting games I shall be a good lad…

    Does the ’15’ moniker refer to the year or the number of iterations? I can’t believe there would be 14 previous iterations of this game.

  3. I’m not completely sure why, but I might actually buy this.

  4. When I was younger, I used to really love farming equipment. And now I don’t.

    So this game is not for me.

    And also I’m an ex-tractor fan.

    Who can’t resist a crap joke.

    I’ll let you know when I’ve got something that qualifies as a joke.

  5. Multiplayer? Combined harvesting perhaps?
    Like beeje above i’m not sure why but i feel compelled to check this out.

  6. This gets released on the same day as the Witcher 3, might have to push that back from being a day-one purchase…

  7. Can you herd cattle in a Bentley?

  8. Bunimomike will be “raising” his sheep again. Or cock fodder as he like to call the.

  9. Of all the simulators to port to a console, they chose a farming one. Erm….

    Farming is a big thing with gamers? *Shrugs shoulders*

    I do hope they port Train Simulato…. actually, i hope they don’t as i would hate to see how much DLC they would release every day. Just look on Steam for the DLC for train simulator. Must be over 2k.

    • This shouldn’t be too surprising actually – Farming Simulator 2013 appeared on last gen consoles (just called Farming Simulator I think) & seemed to sell rather well.

      No idea whet happened to FS14.

      I personally don’t get it, but being that there is a FS15, it doesn’t surprise me that they would want to bring it over.

      • Oh apparently, FS14 was on Vita as coruscant suggested/queried below.

  10. This has been a mainly Vita thing up until now, as far as Sony platforms go? I seem to remember hearing quite a lot of people bought it, god knows why lol.

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