Farming Simulator 15 Features Multiplayer On New-Gen Systems

Farming is not always the idyllic line of work many urbanites think it to be. Not only is it knackering having to get up at the crack o’ dawn each and every day, farming can also be a rather isolated way of living.

Those who plan on dabbling in a spot of virtual harvesting on their new-gen consoles won’t have to go it alone, however. Launching later this month on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Farming Simulator 15 (currently available on PC) will allow players to partner up through its online multiplayer.


Although it gives a nice overview, the trailer above doesn’t quite touch on how multiplayer will actually work. According to publisher Focus Home Interactive, farmers will be able to invite friends to their session, adding an extra pair of hands while managing the farm.

It’s a cool concept and one fans will finally be able to see for themselves when Farming Simulator 15 Consoles releases on May 19th.