New PlayStation Vita Model Trademarked For Japan

Let's speculate!

It appears a new model of the PlayStation Vita has just been trademarked in Japan, if this trademark account on Twitter is to be believed. The tweet lists Sony Computer Entertainment America as the applicant, and dates the trademark as April 1st. Also included is a concept of the new model, as seen below.


It’s tough to know what to make of this but that sure won’t stop us from asking the obvious questions. Are they bringing the OLED screen back? Will they add a different storage option? What about triggers? The image makes the latter seem unlikely but we can still wish. Until we know more, head the comments and speculate with us, won’t you?

Source: Twitter


  1. Sod all those extra features. I just want them to give the bloody thing the support that it deserves.

    • It has tonnes of support, if you like Japanese games :P

  2. If you look closely, that is the original vita – with it’s proprietary port at the top and a 3G sim slot. The only thing that stands out is the way the buttons are highlighted.

    The way Sony treat the vita currently, it seems incredibly unlikely that they would release a new model unfortunately.

    • It is, with nothing cosmetically added.
      I can only assume that Japan like a joke and just twigged April Fools with the trademark date….lame :P

    • No it’s not. It’s got the un-flush screen and Start/Select buttons off the 2000, not to mention the USB charging-slot. So it’s a little of both worlds.

      Interestingly enough the grooves on the back and the speakers aren’t shown.

      • Ah yes, hadn’t noticed the round Start/Select and PS buttons as a pose to the ovalled originals. Allowances for just finishing a night shift? :P

  3. The only thing I would change on the original Vita is the start/select buttons and adding triggers. Hate using the touch pad for L2/R2. Other than that, it’s great. I love that you can just pick it up and play instantly. It’s a shame it isn’t getting any more AAA games though.

  4. Well, all the other comments have summed it up. Why bother bringing a new model, and who cares when the device is not getting the support it should.

    The design is much like the original 3G model, although it looks like the newer wi-fi model with the 3G port added. Perhaps we might see a return of 3G, but none of it matters.

  5. Is this to replace the PS Vita TV thing? It sounds like that is the case and it may help Sony out in the future when completing with the 3DS, because not everyone likes playing games on a small 3″ screen when they have super big 50″ TVs at home to game on.

  6. Those illustration just look like the original Vita…….

  7. I read somewhere that there are extra triggers next to L1/R1 that could indicate being L2/R2 if so then it’s an instant buy but most games apart from kilkzone on the vita (remote play) the L2/R2 tend to be at the bottom front of the screen which is much much better

  8. Aa everyone said, unfortunately they could release the best re design ever with OLED and sell it for peanuts but as I have an original model and see the support it hasn’t got for about a year, I’m wouldn’t be excited.
    Now bring me another Killzone Mercenary and I might be!

  9. Been thinking about this a bit today.
    Sony being Sony, it will be a new model. How many editions did the PSP get that weren’t really supported? Hell, they brought out the PSP Street just before the Vita hit and by then their first party output had been pulled.
    I’ll be annoyed if it’s got triggers though.. Because I’ll want it.

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