Out This Week: Broken Age & Omega Quintet

Looking back over the past four or five weeks, there’s not exactly been an April shower where the game release schedule is concerned. Despite a few heavy hitters such as Mortal Kombat X and Grand Theft Auto V on PC, it has mostly fallen upon imports and smaller digital titles to fill in the gaps left behind. This week paints a similar picture, serving up a selection of downloadable game with only one or two entries making their way to store shelves.

Wednesday 29th

  • Broken Age [PS4 | PSV]
  • Robot Root [PS4 | PSV]

Thursday 30th

  • Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Skies [Wii U]
  • Amiibo Touch & Play [Wii U]
  • Teslagrad [Wii U retail]
  • Excave II: Wizard of the Underworld [3DS]

Friday 1st

  • Omega Quintet [PS4]
  • StarDrive II [PC]


The stand-out on this week’s list is Broken Age from the wonderful guys over at Double Fine Productions. Channelling some of Tim Schafer’s earlier works, Broken Age will finally be making its way to both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, including both acts. The first act, originally released on PC more than a year ago, was a success among critics for its story and characters, brought to life by the voices of actors including Elijah Wood, Jack Black, Wil Wheaton, and Jennifer Hale. It’s very much a coming of age story and one that allows players to switch freely between its two fascinating protagonists.

Elsewhere, we have Omega Quintet from Japanese developer, Compile Heart. It’s the studio’s first PlayStation 4 release, combining elements of role-playing and idol simulation. Players will manage an idol group as they fight back against a mysterious force using their upbeat brand of music in turn-based fights.

This week also sees the launch of Amiibo Touch & Play, a new Wii U feature touted by Nintendo earlier in the year. It’s pretty simple: you take an Amiibo figure in your possession and tap them on the Wii U’s gamepad, unlocking various NES and Super NES demos in the process. Of course, they are only demos, but it gives plenty the chance to get a taste of some of the classics that defined one of the giants of the gaming industry.



  1. Broken Age and Project Root (presumably that’s what you meant by Robot Root?) are both up on the store already. Along with a whole bunch more PS Now games.

  2. So, Broken Age has been priced at £19.99, if you ignore the initial 30% PS+ discount. Seems expensive for a PSN game if you ask me.

  3. Didn’t get the + discount when I bought it earlier. I swear they do this sort of stuff deliberately as I doubt any company could be this incompetent when it comes to releasing products. Other than that the game is ace.

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