Avalanche Studios Share 10 Reasons To Be Excited About Just Cause 3

Not even the plants are safe.

So, that trailer was awesome right? It had so many explosions I’d put money on the fact that it made Michael Bay jealous! Seeing as there was so much going on, Avalanche have kindly released a list of 10 new features shown in the gameplay trailer.

1. The Wingsuit

The Wingsuit will allow Rico to swoop across Medici at breakneck speeds, using the grapple hook to slingshot through caves and tunnels, as well as under bridges and down mountainsides.

2. Multi-tether

The grapple hook has taken a big leap forwards since the last game, with one of the biggest features being the ability to tether up to 5 things together. There are so many opportunities for creative destruction whether it be creating car catapults or hanging a bus from a helicopter and using it as wrecking ball.

3. MASSIVE Explosions

Medici is a world that is packed with petrol stations, electrical substations and huge fuel tanks that are just asking to go “boom”, every explosion has the potential to trigger another which will create an epic chain of fiery destruction.

4. Cascading Destruction

JC3 has a new physics-based destruction system which means that everything breaks, crumbles and falls apart in real-time, according to your actions – nothing is pre-canned.

5. The “Reeled Hang”

Another new grapple technique which will allow Rico to adopt this unique position when hooking onto the underside of anything in the world, allowing him to unleash chaos from above, even when upside down.

6. Destructible Vegetation

Not even the plants and trees can avoid Rico’s wrath. Blowing trees to bits with rockets, smashing through fences and vineyards in buses…even the downforce of low flying helicopter rotors will flatten beautiful fields of lavender or sunflowers.

7. Monorail trains

Monorails are a completely new addition to the Just Cause vehicle mix, bringing with it a wealth of creative opportunities for those who like to take a walk on the wild side.

8. Serious Miniguns

There’s nothing “mini” about this bullet-spraying behemoth. When wielding this, Rico can carve through just about anything in his path, like a hot knife through butter.

9. Bridge Destruction

Shoot out the struts from below, or lay your unlimited C4 on the asphalt to blast huge holes through the road and send your pursuers crashing down to earth in your wake.

10. Stunting

Rico can now walk freely across the top of all the vehicles found in Medici, from the wings of planes, the tops of monorail trains to the bonnets and boots of automobiles. This allows him even more freedom, running and grappling from one rooftop to another and performing crazier stunts than ever before.

I didn’t think that Just Cause could be more crazy than it was but this list just proves that Avalanche are throwing everything they can at it to make sure it’s the most bonkers experience possible. YouTube is going to have a field day when this comes out later this year.

Source: Just Cause


  1. Oh wow. This is going to be a time machine!

  2. At this point the only thing “missing” is the ability to pilot a nuclear-armed submarine.

    • …and straddling a fired nuclear missile from said submarine!!

    • And online co-operative multiplayer. Which makes me sad :(

      • This is why I decided to get it on PC, I’m hoping this may appear later like it did with JC2

  3. Multi-tether – sold!

  4. Hopefully they’ll have enough time to pop an absorbing single player game in there this time around as well. That’d be nice. :-)

    • I’ve witnessed some of strange shenanigans you get up to in GTA – Letting you lose in a world like this could lead up to an apocalyptic disaster! ;)

      • My vivid imagination needs to let steam off. :-) Actually, if the metaphorical playground is as much fun in Just Cause 3 as it is in GTA V (for multiple people in a private lobby) then huzzah! :-)

        If not, it’d better have a great single player game.

  5. That realistic destruction sounds delightful! Especially multiple ways to blow up bridges.

    We had Red faction Guerilla and the battlefield bad company games with awesome levels of destruction last gen. Imagine what we could get this gen…

  6. Never played a Just Cause game before but this does sound like fun, I might pick it up.

  7. Monorail monorail monorail.Looking forward to this and hope they have an hot air balloon like in the last one.

  8. Liking the new features above, especially the ability to destroy bridges although it could make get-away from pursuing enemies very easy.

  9. a five way tether?

    great, now my keyboard’s covered in drool. >_<

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