Podcast: Episode 177 – Silent Hills, Avengers and Mario Kart

We’ve back after our short break, and this week it’s Blair joining Kev and I for some podcast action. We start things off with the week’s news, focussing in on the cancellation of Silent Hills and the debate around Batman: Arkham Knight’s season pass pricing.

From there it’s onto What We Did, where Blair tells us about the recent Mario Kart DLC and Kev talks about Burger Team, the latest game in his quest to produce a game a month. Blair and I both tried it just before we recorded the podcast, and I think we both agreed that it’s a really interesting co-operative game.

Wrapping up the What We Did section was a long chat between Blair and Kev about Avengers: Age of Ultron, which will likely be followed up by a more spoiler packed conversation next week. We then pressed on to the quiz, where Blair put us through a BuzzFeed style quiz from ClickHole, before finishing up by answering your questions.

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This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. Arkham Knight has gone on my, wait for the GOTY edition, list.
    and i doubt i’ll be the only one.

    about the MCU.
    we’re a few weeks behind on the Agents of Shield episodes.
    i remember they showed the character of Sitwell in Winter Soldier, and they talked about him as though the audience would recognise him, because he’d been introduced in Agents.
    in episodes that hadn’t shown in the UK.

    and we still can’t watch Agent Carter here in the UK.

    correct answer to my question. ^_^

    a Black Widow movie would be cool, but next to Captain Marvel, the female superhero from the Marvel universe i’d like to see get her own movie is Squirrel Girl.
    how could the woman who single handedly took down Thanos not get her own movie?
    James Gunn to direct, he’s keen apparently.
    either Felicia Day or Ellen Page as Squirrel Girl.

    and yes, i know, she didn’t take down Thanos on her own, she had her squirrel army. ^_^

    • Squirrel Girl would be fun, but I’d rather see it as animated shorts. I think it’d be hard to build a whole film out of the character, but an animated series would really work.

  2. Sorry for not saying Hi this time. What was I doing….? Ow yeah, I was preparing my flat for one of the rooms makeover. A complete one. From the walls, electricity, furniture, A/V set up. Everything. A lot of work for next days -.-

    I’m quite glad they announced the Season Pass for Batman. This means I’m skipping this title and save money :D Seriously. Anyone buys games day one this days? Today they announced the Far Cry 4 complete version and a few days ago the Shadow of Mordor GOTY. Sick. Just makes me want to wait for a second hand copy.

    I’m here with Kris as I also hate scary stuff, but a lot of people adored it and the news of cancelling it was a big hit to their hearts. If a new Suikoden game doesn’t come out for the PS4 – KONAMI you’re dead to me.

    Age of Ultron sounds amazing. Really need to see it. Also the Guardians of the Galaxy. Not to mention both Captain America. And the TV series. Ow dear…

    I miss carting on PlayStation. A carting game for the PS4 would be cool. But not a real carting simulator, I mean something like Mario Cart.

  3. After doing a podcast about Avengers aou with Kris after he watched this I find some of the things in this hilarious, with out spoilers, the hulk v iron man part especially.
    The films that haven’t been good for me are the Thor films I find them rather dull with bad characters. I liked Thor in this film more than anytime previously but still he’s the least enjoyable one for me.

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