Portal Pinball Teleports Onto Zen Pinball Platforms Later This Month

Remember earlier when we told you how there might be Portal DLC in the forthcoming Lego Dimensions game? Well, it seems the team at Aperture labs have been very busy indeed, as a Portal Pinball table is also on the way for Zen Studios’ Pinball FX 2 / Zen Pinball 2 games.

Crafted in collaboration with Valve and Zen Studios, Portal Pinball will be available via Zen’s pinball platforms on the week of May 25th.


Guide Chell and Wheatley through test chambers by navigating portals, using aerial faith plates, defeating turrets and facing other obstacles, and battling against GLaDOS as you attempt to escape the facility and reach the surface. Team up with ATLAS and P-Body for their Cooperative Testing Initiative Multiball and wreak havok on the Turret Factory by discovering Ratman’s hidden mini playfield.

Portal Pinball will cost $2.99/€2,99/£2.49 on PC, Mac, and consoles, and $1.99/€1,79/£1.49 on mobile platforms.

So, two pieces of news about Portal in one day. Are Valve just master-trolling again, or might we just see a Portal 3 announced at next month’s E3 show?

Source: Press Release.


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  1. I don’t pick up Zen Pinball tables up most of the time but I might get this one, it looks cool.

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