“Portal” DLC Listed For LEGO Dimensions

LEGO website Brick Inquirer have uncovered listings (now removed) on Walmart that detail DLC for the forthcoming game, LEGO Dimensions.

The packs include Chima “Fun Packs”, Scooby Doo and Jurassic World “Team Packs” and finally, “Level Packs” for the Simpsons and Portal.

The listing just says “Portal” and teamed with a very blurry photo of what possibly could be (and could quite possibly could not) a picture of LEGO Chell from the series, conclusions have been made.



Valve have been known to let Team Fortress characters invade other games but when LEGO Dimensions features Back to the Future, Lord of the Rings and Batman, a video game last heard of in 2011 seems a rather odd choice. It just doesn’t seem to fit in with the big names, whilst we may know who Chell is, will a eight year old LEGO fan?

Perhaps the “Portal” pack is just the big wormhole thing you connect to your console or PC to import the minifigs in to the game, although the listing does describe the pack as “a whole new mission-based game level, along with a minifigure, a vehicle, and a gadget to build and use in-game.”

Of course that could be place holder text, and also hopefully a place holder price – $59.96 for DLC (even with minifig) seems in very expensive.

What do you thing, will Portal be coming to LEGO, or is this the internet misreading things?

Of course, there may be another reason, something that would bring Portal back in to the collective consciousness in the coming months and justify it’s inclusion in LEGO Dimensions.

Like Portal 3.

Source: Brick Enquirer



  1. And a Portal table for Zen Pinball as well now. Would a Portal 3 announcement at e3 next month surprise anyone now?

  2. Half Life 3 – Lego Edition anyone?

  3. Relatively sure it has to be an error in translation & is instead referring to the ‘portals’ that you would put the minifigures on. Has to be, doesn’t it?

    Lego games tend to be based on franchises that have many characters, so for them to take one on that has minimal characters just seems weird. Especially seeing as most of their intended playerbase wouldn’t have a bloody clue what portal even was.

    • Well that was my argument behind the scenes at TSA Towers.

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