LEGO Dimensions Support Ends, Won’t Receive Further Expansion Packs In Future

LEGO Dimensions was probably the best of the three big budget attempts at the Toys to Life genre, thanks to the real way that it blended in-game play with the real world building and creation that LEGO is known for. As Disney Infinity and Skylanders have both fallen to the wayside, it was the last series left standing, but the steady stream of level and character packs that sustained it through the first two years gradually dried up, and the end has now been announced on Twitter.

So, after six years, it’s probably safe to say that, outside of Nintendo’s seemingly evergreen amiibo, Toys to Life is just about dead.

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  1. I sort of began to lose interest when they started bringing out the new bases, as I thought it was pretty cynical ploy to re-boot things while leaving those with existing bases in the lurch. Plus, not many of the second wave sets interested me, certainly as there were less level packs – I hardly consider the ‘fun’ or ‘team’ packs worth buying without a level and exploring area.

  2. Hmm, not sure its dead yet.. AIUI, Skylanders is just on hiatus, and they are still releasing content for Imaginators. Shame about Lego Dimensions tho, my son is a huge lego fan and this was his favourite for a long time (until he discovered Skylanders, anyway)

  3. Disney Infinity was much, much better IMO and the kids still play it quite regularly. The Star Wars / Avengers sets in particular are excellent. It’s a shame Disney didn’t/don’t own the rights to DC too.

    I think the main problem with Dimensions was that it wasn’t the first Lego game. There were already better Lego games available for a fraction of the price (Marvel Superheroes, Lego City) and without the limitations of the toys to life genre. For that reason, Dimensions felt very much like a cash-grab and was extremely limiting compared to the regular Lego games. My Nephews are both huge Lego fans but they didn’t enjoy Dimensions at all and we didn’t even finish the story mode. I think the only people who truly enjoyed this game were the shareholders.

  4. This is a shame but was bound to happen at some stage.
    I enjoyed the game and the sonic level Pack is awesome.
    I’m biding my time for the batman and ghostbuster story pack to go down in price (in oz)

  5. Got a couple of Lego Dimensions sets. Its a cool game though the price may have hurt its chances. Just a pity we may never see Mortal Kombat in Lego or more of Midways properties.

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