Risen 3: Titan Lords Is Getting Remastered Exclusively On PS4

Deep Silver has announced that an “Enhanced Edition” of Risen 3: Titan Lords will launch on PlayStation 4 in August. Launching on the 21st, this remaster will be available to download via the PlayStation Network. Deep Silver also confirmed a physical release in selected territories (including the UK).

As expected, this latest edition comes with a significant visual upgrade, trumping the game’s “ultra” settings on PC. It will also come tagged with all post-launch updates and DLC, including the “Adventure Garb”, “Fog Island”, and “Uprising of the Little Guys” packs.


One thing Deep Silver hasn’t mentioned is how this update affects Risen 3’s gameplay. Although it succeeded in establishing an unconventional fantasy backdrop, its combat gameplay and abundance of game-breaking glitches warranted a poor 3/10 in our review last year.

Fingers crossed many of these issues will have been remedied before it makes its new-gen debut in a couple of month’s time.

Source: Press Release.



  1. Wow 3/10. Did this sell well to warrant a remastered edition?

    • I can only assume that it must have. The developer, Piranha Bytes, also makes Gothic which does fairly well in European countries from what I gather.

      • Was just reading on the Steam Community forums that Gothic was just as game breaking as Risen 3, though there seems to be a loyal following.

  2. Risen 2 was one of the worst games I’ve ever played so I’ll be content that the sequel isn’t coming to xboxone

    • Please take it off our hands. PLEASE!

      • Ha ha, just send Bloodborne with it and you’ve got a deal!

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