Final Fantasy XV Demo Drove Sales Of Type-O HD

In some news which probably won’t shock too many people, Square Enix have confirmed in a recent ‘Active Time Report’ that over eighty percent of people buying Type-O HD did so just to play Episode Duscae.


This statistic indicates a surge in popularity for a franchise which, in recent memory, has been waning. The figures come from the amount of respondents who took an optional survey, this data also indicated that eighty two percent of the respondents will purchase Final Fantasy XV after playing the demo which, considering Type-O HD has recently shipped one million copies, isn’t a bad start for the latest entry in the series.

Although it appears many bought the game simply for the demo, this doesn’t mean the game should be overlooked. Our very own Jim reviewed Type-O HD giving it 8/10 and said “It’s a slightly more active, engaging iteration on the traditional Final Fantasy experience and one that works well, even away from its native platform. If you’ve been avoiding the series for a good few years then Type-0 is a great place to pick up the thread once again.”

Source: Gameranx