Diablo III Celebrates Third Anniversary By Adding Cow Level

Happy (belated) birthday, Diablo III! To celebrate three amazing years of dungeon crawling and looting, the fine folks at Blizzard are giving players a special treat in the form of a secret cow level.


This new level isn’t entirely random, as the Secret Cow Level has previously appeared in Diablo 2. From 15th – 21st May players on PC, PS4 and Xbox One will be able to experience the cow level courtesy of a Totally Not a Cow Level buff. PS3 and Xbox 360 owners will get 100% buff to XP and gold instead (only for owners of Ultimate Evil Edition).

Players on PC, PS4 and Xbox One will randomly encounter an Elite cow enemy called Herald of the Queen who, once defeated, will leave behind a portal to the secret cow level. Once there, players will find chests, both of the Resplendent and Radiant kind, as well as a Cow Queen and an event to tackle.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. Bet there’s a lot of Moo moo moo’s.

  2. Found it three times already. Good fun, seems to give a bit of a noticeable xp boost as well which is nice.

  3. I found this yesterday. On the main menu in the community events box it says “still no cow level”.

    Just what I needed as I’m currently trying to get my hardcore character to level 70, so the xp boost was very welcome.

  4. It’s not the cow level though. It says “still no cow level”, and when you find the new level, it’s definitely called “Not the cow level”. So there still isn’t a cow level.

    Mooving on…

    All I got from it was a big pile of money (about 1.5 million) and a load of rubbish equipment. I got a single legendary item. It was a Leoric’s Signet. I did manage to get some gloves that were ever so slightly better than the ones I’d got, but they were lacking the “blessings last 10 minutes” thing, so they weren’t really much use either.

    The little event that the ghost of the cow king gives you is fun though. So many cows.

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