New God of War III Remastered 1080p 60fps Trailer

Kratos is back on PlayStation 4 this July and Sony have released a trailer showing God of War III running in 1080p and 60fps. The video shows everyone’s favourite anti-hero battling the Lord of the Underworld in one of the most menacing, brutal boss encounters in the game.

Make sure you set the video to 1080p and 60fps in the settings!

The remastered game will also include a photo mode and pre-ordering will score you a new God of War – Fall of Olympus Dynamic Theme.

Source: EU Blog


  1. Can’t wait for this, are they doing Ascencion too?

    That would really benefit from a PS4 remaster because unlike III it ran at 30fps on the PS3 and the unusually expansive (for a GoW game) would benefit from the 1080p sparkle

  2. The Youtube compression ruins it for me. But GOD DAMN why can’t they do a third collection and bundle it with Ascension?!

  3. I know tuff is very happy that his fav game has been remastered. He loves some angry kratos :D

    Cannot wait, I pretty much played all of them to death, on PS2 to 3 to vita now 4, can’t wait for the Morpheus version lol

    • Ha. I’m kinda of tempted to give it another go but.. I’ll probably still hate it, just hate in in 1080p.

  4. Great game but the only reason I’d buy this is if I wanted to plat the game again and Im not sure I could put myself through chaos mode a second time. The fury. I punched Zeus for half an hour when I finally took that mutha down.

    • Christ, I know. Not sure if i’ve ever been in such a rage at a game before (other than every match of Rocket League) as this battle near the end which has a cerberus amongst just a ridiculous amount of enemies in such a small space. That on titan made me actually feel like I imagine Kratos feels all the time.

      I do love GoW though, and would gladly play this again on PS4.

      • The cerberus near the end of the first GoW can be near impossible, especially if you can’t manage to stop the pups from growing

  5. I would like to see a new version of GOW where Kratos is middle aged, it’s Sunday morning and he settles down to read the Sunday papers whilst enjoying a nice cup of tea. Bliss.

  6. Tempted to get this mainly for screenshots and video recordings. But I think I can wait for a year or two when it is at a reasonable price :)

  7. Definitely think this will be picked up soon after release. Might just rent it though instead of buying. What a game.

    Also, I never actually thought this was the hardest boss, nor Zeus. It was bloody Poseidon. I tried GOW III before I and II and talk about throwing you in at the deep end! Completely gave up. Then picked up GOW I and II, completed them and Poseidon seemed a bit more doable. But man that first attempt (on the easiest difficulty I might add) was tough to begin with!

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