God Of War, Destiny, And GTAV Discounted On The PS Store

The PlayStation Store is having a sale. Again. It truly is the DFS of digital store fronts, isn’t it? This week there are only a couple of discounts and as usual the prices are not listed on the PS Blog, so bear (aha) with me whilst it click through each one and find out the monies off and update this page.

Deal of the Week: (Until 17/02/16)

GTA V Week (until 17/02/16)

Source: EU PS Blog


  1. Destiny is only dropping in the countries listed as God of War isn’t sold there.

    It’s filling in.

  2. I think i’ll wait for an even better deal on God of War, it seems inevitable that i’ll be able to pick it up at some point for around a tenner, like with the TLoU and TR remasters.

  3. Got God of War for £8 pre-owned at CEX and sold it to Game for a tenner xD

    • He’s even good at trading games in! ;D

      • If he was that good at it, he’d buy many copies and sell them for £2 profit each.

        And spend it all on cake.

        Hang on. That last bit might just be me.

      • Freaky…. cause I am eating the *cake* right now….
        Guys there is a trick. If you have a reward card and an Game App simply go to CEX, G-Force, Games Centre and scan the pre-owned copy and you can see the price and you’ll know if you will make a profit or not ;)
        *The cake is a lie….*

      • I have the app but usually make my plans an check before getting there,i often find that CEX offers the better on trade or even cash.

      • New name suggestion: Savvy_Del

  4. Still nearly £37 for gtav on ps4! This game is holding its value very well. I already have it on ps3 and want to upgrade to ps4 but not at that price.

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