GAME’s Splatoon Stock Squidnapped Pre-Launch

A lorry transporting stock of the forthcoming Wii U exclusive shooter Splatoon between Nintendo & GAME has been hijacked en-route, the UK high-street retailer has confirmed.

Specifically, the currently unaccounted for stock relates to pre-orders of the game’s Special Edition, which bundled the disc & a Squid Inkling amiibo.

“We can confirm that the lorry transporting the Splatoon stock from Nintendo’s European warehouse to GAME UK has been stolen,” Nintendo said in a statement. “Included as part of this delivery was GAME’s allocation of the Splatoon + Squid Inkling amiibo and as a result we are unable to honour pre-orders for this item in GAME.”

GAME told customers that due to “extraordinary circumstances” the item will not be available, and are instead offering to substitute the special edition for the standard version (with a £10 discount) and free first class post, should they so wish.

Splatoon is released in the UK and North America this Friday, May 29th, and you can read our review here.

Source: GAME/MCV.


  1. Squidnapped!

  2. Sounds fishy, probably a plot by an anemone of the skate!

    • There’s a time and a plaice for carp fish-based puns.

      This may well be it.

  3. 10 squid off not too bad ;)

  4. Awful awful puns. For cod’s hake.

    • Eel be sorry he started it with that “squidnapped” thing.

    • here here, they serve no porpoise.

  5. I got the girl inkling amiibo in the mail today, she looks pretty cool but the paintjob is a bit sloppy on the detailing.

    I guess we should keep a look out for cheap bundles on Craigslist and eBay for the jetsam now then.

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