Anno 2205 Takes Your City Building To The Moon

Ubisoft’s long standing city builder series is taking not just a small step, but one giant leap into the future, as Anno 2205 will let you build cities on the Moon!


You won’t be able to start building on our satellite right away though, you’ll have to earn the privilege first by building up your city to the point where you can launch shuttles and start to spread humankind into space.

Keep your eyes peeled for more details on the game, and how you can sign up for the beta test, which will start later this year.



  1. Sounds epic, looks amazing. I want it.

  2. This looks great. Hopefully it’ll come to PS4/XB1.

    I’ve been playing Tropico 5 for the past week and really enjoying it. There aren’t many (any?) of these kinds of games on PS4 and I can only think of CivRev on the PS3, which was fun/addictive but far too simple.

    I remember spending hours and hours playing C&C Red Alert on PS1 and I can totally see myself doing the same with Tropico 5. If only T5 had Tesla Coils and the ability to control your army. Red Alert was such a great game.

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