Gears of War: Ultimate Officially Announced, Launches August 25; Multiplayer Beta Starts Today

Rod Furgesson took the stage at Microsoft’s E3 presser for a shocking reveal that absolutely no one saw coming: a Gears of War remaster.

It’s officially titled Gears of War: Ultimate and it includes just the first game in the franchise. It’s set to run at 1080p and 60 frames, and it launches on August 25th for Xbox One.


But that wasn’t all, they also announced a multiplayer beta that’s launching today and lasts for a week. So if you’re itching for some current-gen Gears of War and have an Xbox One, you should be able to load up Xbox Live very soon and grab the beta.



  1. Just the first game is a bit of a fail

  2. Cool, not long to wait either.

  3. But… But… Backwards compatibility, don’t take a dig at Sony about HD remasters and then announce a HD remaster.

    • It’s more of a remake, with basically a new multiplayer based on the original.

  4. Tempted to get that but one game isn’t enough and still confused about backwards compatibility as I still own all 3 Gears…. mixed reactions it seems.
    will think about it though

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