[email protected] Gains Early Access Style Game Preview Initiative

Steam Early Access and Kickstarter-based development have pioneered the way for smaller developers to reach out to a budding community and build their game with the feedback of their fans, as they strive to reach a final release. Microsoft are the first to bring such a programme to console, with Xbox Game Preview coming to Xbox One this week.

In a clever twist, they’ve added the requirement for games in the programme to allow you to try the game out before you buy into the actively developed game. Some major games are entering into the programme though, which should help to assuage some fears of a game being unplayable, as The Long Dark, Sheltered, Elite: Dangerous, DayZ and Ion – a new game from the developers of DayZ – were all announced to be in the programme. The Long Dark and Elite: Dangerous are entering the programme this week.



  1. Early access has proven quite good on Steam, and I think consoles now need a scheme like it.

    It’s nice that DayZ is coming, makes me wonder if Arma 3 could make the jump over to consoles

  2. The trial period deals with most of the problems of early access, so good move.

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