PS4 Trailers For Bread Pub Brawlers, Headmaster, Astebreed And Kings Quest

Time to mop up a few more of the trailers that have been posted in the last couple of days and these are all for PlayStation 4 games.

First up is King’s Quest – Chapter One, the first in a five-chapter story arc. As an aging King Graham reflects on a life of heroism with his granddaughter, Gwendolyn, players are transported back to experience firsthand the untold tales that shaped a kingdom. In the first chapter, A Knight to Remember, an aging King Graham reflects on his journey to become a knight in King Edward’s court.

Next is a launch trailer for Astebreed, which presumably is hitting the PSN today. Roy (not the most heroic of names) dreams of becoming an ace pilot. When he’s joined by a mysterious girl with incredible power and thrown headlong into a war with a mechanical alien race bent on exterminating humanity.

Bread Pub Brawlers is our third game and it has the most ridiculous plot you have ever heard. In a remote village during the 1800’s, local Pubs fight for patrons using Bread that have been animated through a special ingredient called the “Spice of Life”. These enigmatic baked goods now roam the streets and pubs, often scaring customers away rather than enticing them.

And finally, Headmaster is an intriguing game which has been announced for Project Morpheus. It’s a football game where you improve you header skills, a novel concept for the VR headset, but will it give you neck ache?


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  1. Headmaster :)
    My initial thought was that the ball might damage the headset :)

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