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The world of VR has the potential to offer some deep and exciting things, be it piloting a mech or donning the mantel of your favourite super hero. Yet sometimes its the simplest of things that can bring some joy and pleasure, with one of those being heading a football. Frame Interactive have gone for the simple approach with the game Headmaster, where you are a football player that has been sent to a training camp by your club to improve your heading skills. It’s definitely a camp and not a prison, despite the barbed wire fence, guard tower, lack of direct human contact, and your small cell.

Headmaster’s gameplay is simple. Footballs are fired at you and you need to head them towards the targets, which can be the goal or boards that can offer extra points. You don’t need to use any controllers for the game, with Headmaster using the camera to track your head movement while wearing the PSVR. The game does warn you not rely on quick neck movements, but to instead move using your whole upper body by rocking backwards and forwards to get power. Changing the direction of your head is how you direct the ball.

It does take a little bit of getting used to at first but soon enough you’ll be heading footballs as if you were playing in a match. There are a number of challenges with each rated out of three stars, and these add up to unlock the exam stage. You need to pass these exams to continue your training. Headmaster is pretty easy up until the first exam but after that the difficulty does increase with challenges that require more finesse and more power.

There’s quite a bit of comedy thrown in to Headmaster to revolving around the man behind the speaker trying to run the “training camp”, as well as getting silly little notes from another worker at the facility. Some of the challenges have fun designs too, for example a little fiesta where you can break a pinata with the ball. While the gameplay is the same throughout, each challenge does feel unique to play. Headmaster is a game that you’ll be better off playing for short stints rather than long sessions, dependant on how long you can cope with rocking backwards and forwards while sitting, as well as moving your head about to hit the ball.


Headmaster is a good looking game, with everything taking place at night. Look up and you’ll see a star filled sky with clouds floating across and birds flying about. At first it does feel a bit odd looking around but quite quickly you get used to the look. The balls look really good with the designs being simple but looking almost real. I’ll admit at one point I went to kick one away that rolled towards me. One thing that was a little off putting was looking down and not seeing a body or feet though.

It isn’t without issues, though. There were a few instances where the game stopped responding like when trying to exit a challenge and selecting the option board. This required the game to be rebooted. Another crash occurred when the the game just rounded over so when you looked around it was showing the reverse image of what was on the main screen. This is also a game where any drift in the tracking can make it very hard to head the ball accurately, so reseting your position could be quite frequent. Hopefully a patch can iron out these kinks can be worked out soon.

What’s Good:

  • Challenges are varied.
  • Is easy to pick up.
  • Looks very good.
  • Comedy is decent.

What’s Bad:

  • A few crashes requiring restarts.
  • A bit disconcerting not seeing a body when looking down.

Headmaster is a title that is perfect for showcasing the PSVR headset. The gameplay is accessible for everyone, with an activity that the majority of people that would be familiar with, and has a dry sense of humour throughout. If you’re looking for a simple game to play with the PSVR then Headmaster is for you.

Score: 7/10

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  1. Played the demo and loved it.

    Definitely on my list to buy soon!

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