Sony: No More AAA First Party Games For PS Vita

PS4 success has doomed the Vita

Sony’s Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida has said that no Sony first party studios working on games for the PS Vita, crushing hopes for a new Killzone or Uncharted.

“Square Enix announced the new World of Final Fantasy,” he added. “That’s coming on PS Vita as well. And as you know and as I know, there are great games that come out digitally on PS Vita that are typically cross-platform with PS4. Volume is coming out soon and Super Time Force Ultra. There’s no lack of great games you can play on PS Vita.”

Yoshida seemed to lay some of the blame for PS Vita’s failure on a Sony success, namely the PlayStation 4.

“When we launched PSP, [it was] a big deal for people to be able to play PS2-quality games on the go on a portable. And that was great,” he explained. “But after that, when PS3 was announced, and people’s expectations for the high end graphics were raised above and beyond what PSP was able to handle. Those big titles and 3D graphics and action-adventure shooters are easier to play on a big TV. So the same things [were] going to happen, and are happening.”

Whilst bad news for PS Vita, Yoshida’s statement means that Gravity Rush 2 (forgotten about that, hadn’t you?) must be coming to PlayStation 4.

Source: IGN


  1. This kind of stuff was one of the major things that put me off Sony, and Yoshida’s arguments are weak. PSP was overshadowed by PS3, yet it did well and reinvigorated by Sony in 2009. Furthermore, Vita flatout is not an indie machine nor was it sold as one. Passing off indie games as the main reason for playing on vita is a bit of an insult to people hoping for more.

    • “Vita flatout is not an indie machine nor was it sold as one”

      Excellent point. The psp lost support due to piracy which is understandable, however the vita remains secure but Sony didn’t bother to support it.

  2. I thought they already announced this a while back?

    This is why I wont be buying morpheous for a few years.

  3. This won’t go down well with a lot of people but you can’t say that Sony didn’t give it a go. Gravity Rush, Freedom Wars, Soul Sacrifice, Uncharted and Killzone were all brilliant first party games but not enough people jumped on board the Vita train.
    It’s all down to economics, the numbers must mean it doesn’t make sense to build massive exclusives for it anymore.
    They could have done with some better marketing support for their games and proprietary memory cards was a terrible idea but the fact is the Vita isn’t even selling as well as the 3DS is.
    If the Vita was doing better things would be different, but as it stands the it only has a small, but vocal, userbase so it’s only going to be games with relatively smaller budgets (i.e. indies) that will come to Vita.

    • Agree with you, it’s a purely rational decision not to support it with big budget games if the user base is too small. It is such a shame if you look at the numbers, e.g. sales of Killzone Mercenary, which I found brilliant, were quite bad.
      Whether Sony could’ve done more to push it, that’s of course debatable. It is maybe not surprising many of those who bought it feel let down. But I’ve never regretted having one.

  4. For me, the Vita fails on one simple aspect of what was said above;

    “Those big titles and 3D graphics and action-adventure shooters are easier to play on a big TV.”

    I would probably go as far as to replace the word ‘easier’ with ‘better’.

    This is exactly why the Vita &or mobile gaming has never appealed to me – Why sit & gaze at a 2 inch screen when I could be looking at a 42 incher?

    Take that how you will! ;)

    • Why? Because you cant take a 42″ TV and a PS4 on a long train journey. Well, you could but youd need to buy an extra seat :)

      • This is true for (maybe) you but simply not the case for most people. If it was, the Vita would be a very successful platform for AAA games and devs would be leaping at the chance. Hell, they all want to succeed and make money.

      • Yeah, it pretty much just comes down to the fact that I don’t travel for massively long periods often & so when I game, I like to be sat in my comfy chair with all my creature comforts around me.

        I don’t even listen to music when on the bus/out walking etc (I prefer to know what’s going on around me, which means hearing as well as seeing), so I guess it kind of makes sense as to why the Vita would never really appeal to me.

        Bizarrely, its only use would be as a remote play device – Which it now seems that Sony intend it to be! As we are fortunate enough to have 2 TV’s in our house though, remote play is never something I actually need. I can simply leave the wife watching whatever crap it is she is watching at this point in time & retreat to my gaming room.

        Although, I have to say that I would have to shake the hand of someone on the train who had bought an extra seat for their full gaming setup… If I could pull them away from their game of course! ;)

  5. Remote play is what my vita knows, I haven’t played a game on the vita for over a year. Remote play is what that little thing is for & the best thing to happen tbh

    • Remote play is wonderful, all Sony need to do is push their Vita bundles and come up with some extra shoulder button peripheral and the Vita will live on, it’s such a brilliant little machine.
      Taylor, get yourself the top ten Vita games on cartridge before they become rarer than chocolate teapots, the likes of Tearaway, Killzone, Gravity Rush, Uncharted and Wipeout are truly special :)

      • Yep remote play is an exceptional function paired with the PS4 especially on games with cross play game save incorporation. Pretty sad to see such an able device scaled down to just that level given it’s capability as a solus game engine :(

        Doesn’t a chocolate teapot come under the “as useful as” category? ie. a chocolate fireguard or tits on a fish rather than the “rarer than” itinerary, although all would be very rare :P

      • Yeah it does Freeze, you’re totally right, but in the short time I had to write a few comments I couldn’t do the proper Google phrase research. I’ve since remembered that I meant to write rarer than rocking horse shit :)

  6. Disappointed, yes
    Surprised, No

    Ever since I bought a Vita it’s been 1 let down followed by another.

  7. And to add to that there’s not a huge amount of 3rd party AAA games in the pipe if any. Killzone and Tearaway are good, but I spent far more time on the PSP with titles like Crisis Core and Peacewalker. Saying that the Vita is great for playing titles like Hotline Miami and remote play is still pretty impressive. Oh well, wish Sony would give this nifty bit of kit more support, but as had been mentioned, they’re quite good at not supporting anything thats not a massive success….damn you Sony

  8. Never thought of Gravity rush as an AAA title, to be honest, as I found it quite boring and awkward to play.

  9. I wonder if Sony ever made a profit from Vita? I mean, console sales weren’t great (and I don’t even know if they were made at a loss) and the lack of software sales must have also lost them expected revenue.

  10. Here’s a thought, did giving so many games away on Ps plus harm the game sales for the vita? You had Uncharted in their for about 2 years, and 2-3 games every month. It’s like there was no need to buy any games for it.

    “wait for it to go on plus” is a regular phrase and it seemed inevitable most games would end up on it.

    • This was definitely a contributing factor I think. I’ve only ever bought two games for the vita (Tearaway and LBP). Everything else I wanted to play was already ‘free’ on ps plus by the time I got around to playing it. There’s cross buy too which gave you another reason not to buy any games for your Vita.

      Looking back, it’s crazy to think of the number and high standard of content Sony were giving away on plus a few years ago. If you had/have all three consoles like I do, there really was no need to buy any new games at all unless it was one you really wanted. It must have effected sales of new games. I’m not complaining. It’s great now but it’s a bad thing in the long run imo and I do think this lead/contributed to the lack of support for the Vita. We were spoiled. I cant think of any other company who offer so much for so little.

      • Especially agree on being spoiled with all the games they offered. The lack of boxed releases meant most of them were given away at some point.

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