Naughty Dog Thought About Having Crash Bandicoot In Uncharted 4

File under “Nice idea, shame it never happened”, as Naughty Dog have admitted that they did think about making a Crash Bandicoot mini game to hide away in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Unfortunately, Activision own Crash and seem to have consigned him to the big dustbin of gaming mascots of the past.

Uncharted 4 Director, Bruce Straley, was asked: If you were to embed a playable retro title into your game, what would it be and why?

“Well, there’s actually been a conversation about if it were at all possible—which it’s not, let me emphasize—but we wanted to put a Crash Bandicoot game inside. Not gonna happen, though,” said Bruce. “Sony doesn’t own it, so we don’t have control.”

Remasters are en vogue at the moment, and with Activision resurrecting Guitar Hero and EA bringing back Mirror’s Edge there is a possibility of Crash returning. Just not yet.

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  1. Sony not owning Crash is such a terrible excuse. considering how buddy buddy Sony and Activision are i’m sure both could sort out a deal. there also needs to be a Crash Bandicoot HD collection. unbelievably fun games.

    • Activision would want some sort of payment for use of their IP, and I’m sure sony wouldn’t be prepared to pay that just for the sake of an easter egg

  2. Sounds like there’s a bit more to this story, like they actually tried, but calling out Activision in an interview would be really awkward. Shame it couldn’t happen.

  3. Sony could license the IP, rather than buy it, with a royalty to go to Acti. ND have plenty of work though atm so I don’t know about a full new crash game.

    • Douche u iwe em the hardrive and allowing the titles happen

  4. Activision’s biggest crimes were killing Crash and Spyro (along with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and the entire music rhythm genre).

    And Sony were idiots to not ensure that they owned those IPs in the first place.

    • Spyro was brilliant until Activision got their mits on it. Played the first one again recently on the vita and was surprised how well it held up (though maybe that’s just nostalgia talking). Managed to find the last very well hidden dragon and get 100% all these years later. Had no idea there was a secret level at the end. My childhood came full circle that day.

      Never really thought of Crash as more than a bit of throw away fun but I would still love a proper remake of the original or a new game if done right.

    • Big douchebaggy alot of what sony did with crash was important they were i telligent they want the rights back activision are the idiots for not aproachin and not sharing that teaches me how a companyy i believed be nice is not so nice at that and we owe sony hardrive and presentation!

    • Douche baggy sony did alot of great it was vivendi joinin activision big slip i guess they felt safe and that happened u owe em allowing the games happen and the hardrive douchee!

    • Not idiots they are alot of people experienced they want rights back! Douche

  5. That would have been a neat little thing and i do believe Sony is not willing to shell out to get the license for what could just be one giant easter egg and i suspect they don’t want to give any royalties to Activision as well.

    Shame but i do wish Activision would get off their arses, realise that COD is not the only franchise that they own that could make them giant amount of dollars and actually put effort into helping their franchises. Oh and Crash died for me after 3. Only Naughty Dog can touch Crash. I feel like i should make a naughty touch joke involving a dog but that wouldn’t be PG 13.

    • Lier the others are amaZing the others followed naughty dog well twinsanity is awesome cinematic better than the original ejej

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