WeView: Assassin’s Creed: Liberation

We may have taken a break from our regularly scheduled WeView for E3, but we’re back and it’s time to look at Assassin’s Creed: Liberation. Although I’m going to be drawing inspiration from Jim’s review of the HD version of the game available on PS3, 360 and PC, you can also share your thoughts on the Vita version of the game if you’re so inclined.

First, however, lets take a look back at just what Jim thought of this oft overlooked entry in the Assassin’s Creed series. Starting on the positive side of things, Jim highlighted the game’s star, Aveline, as an example of how to create a well rounded female character. “Instead of being overtly sexualised or feminine,” he noted, “her gender traits are applied subtly and have no real weight on how the game plays out.”

Jim also praised the game’s visuals, citing both the Vita and HD versions. He considered it to be a “great looking game” on Sony’s portable, and equally impressed when playing the HD version. He also pointed out that some character models on the home console iteration had seen “a moderate boost”, although with limited facial animation, and praised the improvements to textures and the lighting system.

That does seem to be all that Ubisoft got right though, as he also derided the game’s “disjointed narrative” and said the game felt “half-baked” overall. In particular he was annoyed by the way “characters come and go in an instant”, leaving you with a plot that’s “almost impossible to pick up again” after the first few sections of the game.

The game’s new Persona system was met with equal scorn. This essentially allows you to switch between three disguises, an element that’s been sorely missing from Assassin’s Creed in the past. However, Liberation requires you “to visit designated areas on the map just to switch… Persona”, a decision that’s incredibly limiting. The game’s “lady” disguise also significantly limits Aveline’s movement abilities, leaving the game feeling flat while it’s in use.

Ultimately the game featured so many issues that Jim found it hard to recommend, despite how interesting a character Aveline was. He rated the game at 6/10, feeling that it really didn’t hold up well when compared to Black Flag, which was released just a few months before the HD update:

Even with a one-year gap between them, there are enough similarities between Liberation and Black Flag to recommend the former. It’s certainly not the best game in the franchise though does open up yet another chapter in the Assassin’s Creed saga. Still, those who have become particularly attached to Black Flag may find it hard to hoist up their sails and touch down in New Orleans.

So now that we’ve covered Jim’s view on the game, it’s time to get your opinion. Whether you played the Vita version or the home console port, we’d like to hear what you thought of Aveline’s adventure. It doesn’t matter whether you loved or hated the game, just let us know your thoughts by dropping us a comment below. Remember to include an overall verdict from the Buy It, Sale It, Plus It, Avoid It scale so that we can sum the community’s view on the game in Monday’s WeView Verdict.



  1. I played the Vita version. I can’t remember much, but my lasting memory was that it was one of the glitchiest games I’d played in a long time – so not a great way to be remembered. None of them were gaming-breaking though.

    I’d be interested to know whether they were sorted for the HD release, or whether it was a quick cash-grab port.

    I generally enjoyed the game though, nice to have a big title on the Vita and I liked the Bayou setting.

  2. Played it on PS3 to completion. Did all side missions/collectables etc.. Can’t remember too many glitches? I enjoyed it as a fan of AC games, but my memory of it bleeds into other AC games as there wasn’t much to differentiate it. Was better than Freedom Cry though. Bargain bin, but if you’re bored of the AC formula, avoid.

  3. As AC games that aren’t part of the main series go, it’s an entertaining distraction. The location is one of the better things about it. The story isn’t really as bad as some might have you believe. Being a smaller game, there’s less temptation to wander off and do a million other things and forget what was going on.

    The changing costumes thing is mildly annoying at worst. It probably makes sense that she can’t just change clothes in the middle of a crowded street though.

    Not as good as Freedom Cry (which I guess counts as a separate game as it’s available on it’s own, not just as DLC), but better in some ways than Chronicles:China (which relies on stealth far too much, but does look absolutely gorgeous, so we’ll let it off)

    Also, none of the dreaded sailing around for hours with naval battles suffering from horrible controls. Which is a massive bonus.

    It’s a bargain price anyway, so if you’re not tired of the whole franchise yet, buy it. Otherwise pick it up in a sale. Not quite sure what my vote counts as there. Probably about 3/4 buy it, 1/4 sale it.

  4. I played both versions, both equally have their bad points such as vita’s lack of screen precision and hd’s feel of not enough going on (must remember it’s a spruce though) saying that aside it was a nice break in the franchise to play as a character with next to no similarities to the already existing personalities already available. I would plus the vita of was available and buy HD (which I obviously did)

  5. I played it on vita a while back but don’t remember any specific bugs but I do find playing an Assassin’s Creed is basically guaranteeing playing a game with bugs.

    It’s probably the only AC game without Desmond that I’ve really enjoyed. It was a bit like playing ACII on the vita, it was nice not to have all the extras they’ve tried to throw at AC over the years which simple haven’t worked.

    If you’ve grown tired on AC then this won’t correct that but I think it’s one of the best games on the vita. If this was back when it came out I’d say buy it but as it’s been around a while and there isn’t much replay-ability I’d sale it.

    Definitely worth playing if you’ve not played much AC

  6. I got this when I bought me Vita, and although as has been mentioned there are faults, it does a very good job of capturing the feel of Assassin Creed on the go. Controls aren’t perfect, graphics look a little rough in places and I cant really remember what the story was about so it obviously hasn’t left an impression. Also he multiplayer mini game is not much fun and probably not worth touching unless you’re going for trophies and are willing to slog through it. ACL still gives a nice chunk of stabby game play with most of the features fans will expect. Sale It if you’re a fan, Plus it if you’ve got a Vita and bemoaning the lack of AAA titles.

  7. I really liked the Vita game, as someone else mentioned the graphics do look a little rough here and there but they squeezed a hell of a lot in to a tiny console. Well worth picking up on the cheap – sale it

  8. Nice little portable game, just did what it was meant to do, to be an enjoyable portable game, now & then the controls was frustrating but besides that it was a decent game, nice change having female assassin but hated how her outfit restricted you from weapons & attack.

    Plus it/bargain bin

  9. I thought it was just ok. Played the HD version on PS3 and whilst I enjoyed it for the most part it just didn’t stand up to the console games.

    The problem with Liberation and every other AC game since AC2 was the story. In AC2 we saw Ezio’s family betrayed and murdered in a very powerful scene which made you root for Ezio and his quest for revenge. No other AC game since has come anywhere close to this level of emotion. AC Liberation had an opportunity to push the boundaries of story telling (as far as AC games are concerned) but it failed on every level. She’s a black woman in slave times for crying out loud. If you can’t make us feel something for this character then you have failed on an epic scale.

    It may have given us the first female assassin but it may as well have been a man. It made no difference whatsoever and wasted an opportunity to give us a strong female character we could really get behind.

    In the end it was just another generic AC game. It’s an ok game but you’re not missing anything if you don’t play it and it’s not worth your money. Plus it.

  10. Played this on my vita & loved it apart from the glitches trophies & the bloody useless online it which I never managed to grind through. I played the story to completion which I haven’t done with any AC game that came after, but because I didn’t do the trophies through the main game I can’t get the last few trophies, which intimately leaves a bad taste. If you’re not feed up of the whole AC franchise bargain plus it. Otherwise avoid it.

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