Shovel Knight Digging His Way To Retail This October

Having won over critics and selling 700,000 copies, Shovel Knight will be making its way to a shop front near you. Physical copies of the game will be available to purchase as of October 16th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, and Nintendo 3DS. One should note, however, that here in the EU it will only be available for PC.




The twenty dollar price tag gives players access to all current Shovel Knight content as well as bonus challenges and all future campaigns add-ons, modes etc. Some gamers will also be happy to hear that Shovel Knight includes an actual instruction booklet – not one of those useless glossy fliers.

The game’s transition from digital to retail marks the next big step for developer Yacht Club Games, it’s distribution partnership with U&I Entertainment effectively making a firm a publisher.

Source: Yacht Club Games Blog


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  1. If only the retail version was available when i bought it, i’ve given it a few tries and managed a little progress but have found it more frustrating than enjoyable so far.

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