Podcast: Episode 184 – Monsterbag, Her Story & Batman: Arkham Knight

The most important thing about this week’s podcast is that it was recorded on my birthday, so Peter Chapman returned as a special treat. That’s right, the original crew is back together this week, and we spent most of our time talking about Batman: Arkham Knight. I felt a bit bad for Kev as he hasn’t actually played any of the game, but Peter, Lewis and I were still happy to spend quite some time talking about Rocksteady’s latest title.

As Peter was lucky enough to go E3 this year he also told some of his LA stories, as well as detailing his time with Her Story. As for Kev, he chatted about Monsterbag, a title he’s been wanting to talk about for some time, before we wrapped things up with by answering your questions.

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This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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1 Comment

  1. Hey Peter is back :D Glad to hear you again ^^ Sorry for not saying “Hello” this time. Don’t know what happened :( Won’t happen again.

    Lewis reaction to the Shenmue topic was totally unexpected. On the other hand, that is a great point there – Lewis you should be talking about the previous games on each podcast from now on :D

    Wow. The things you guys say about the Batman game are fantastic. I haven’t played City yet, so I need to do this as fast as possible and move to Arkham Knight.

    Holy shit. Peter, you are working with Lorne Lanning now? Legendary bro.
    I just love to listen to Peter talking about something. Like now the VR topic. Nothing before has got me interested in VR that much, as the few minutes Peter talking bout it.

    Very good point Lewis. That is what is causing doubts for me. I’m a bit afraid of the future with VR. I recently red somewhere that a guy has drugged his girlfriend to sleep, because she wanted a romantic dinner night while he was scheduled to play with his friends online. Imagine how more ridiculous could things get with VR.

    Not only that. Looks what happened to the guy who was behind the Castlevania games, Igarashi? Also Inafune. The big Japanese “minds” who want to make games on their own, without the need of thinking about some business pricks given them directions.

    Glad to hear it Peter ^^ Very nice podcast lads. Enjoyed it a lot. batman became a “must buy now” game. Got more interested in VR. Lovely :D

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