Out This Week: Rocket League, F1 2015 & PS Plus

We’re trudging through the midsummer gaming drought once again, and what’s worse is that last week’s heat wave has long gone. Worry not, however, as there are still a few gems to be plucked from this dry spell. Not only that, this week heralds a brand new selection of free games available to PlayStation Plus subscribers!

Tuesday 7th

  • Rocket League [PS4 | PC]
  • PlayStation Plus Update [PS4 | PS3 | PSV]

Wednesday 8th

  • Skullgirls 2nd Encore [PS4]
  • Nekoburo – Cats Block [PSV]
  • Pneuma: Breath of Life [PS4]
  • Toro [PS4]

Thursday 9th

  • Never Alone [Wii U]
  • Funk Of Titans [Wii U]

Friday 10th

  • F1 2015 [PS4 | XB1 | PC]

First off the blocks we have Rocket League, the long awaited sequel to PSN classic, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars. Not only is it the featured game in this month’s PS Plus roster, it also happens to be one of the best digital games you’ll play all year. Where newcomers can expect a quick, rewarding slice of car-footie fun, veterans will marvel at the slew of changes and additions Psyonix has made.

This week’s Plus update also brings Styx: Master of Shadows to the party on PS4, as well as Geometry Wars 3 for PS Vita and the eerily beautiful Rain on PS3.


Less than a week after Hamilton’s win at the Silverstone Grand Prix, Codemasters looks set to deliver yet another British frontrunner as F1 2015 touches down this Friday. Apart from the slightly earlier release window, this latest edition to the series marks its debut on current gen platforms, using an all-new version of the EGO game engine.



  1. Give Codies another couple of years and they’ll even manage to have 8th gen graphics on their new 8th gen consoles. For the time being, F1 2012 seems like a perfectly respectable alternative.

    • Not quite sure I agree, as the engine regs have completely changed since 2012, making the handling a lot more different. The graphics are a little more pronounced on some tracks, but I agree its hardly setting the 8th gen on fire.

    • 2015 is the first time they have a purely physics-based handling system.

      And not bad graphically all things considered (1080p60fps), short development time. Maybe what they’re showing is actual gameplay footage too. The off screen X1 E3 gameplay vids on Youtube look great.

  2. Skullgirls 2nd Encore [PS4] won’te be coming to EU just now. 22nd July it is. Check the PS BLOG.

  3. Rocket League looks the part. Sure I will be enjoying this for a long time.

  4. Looking forward to F1 2015 especially as I didn’t buy the last game.

  5. Rocket league and other Ps+ games are live now via the nubile site they are anyway. I can’t check on my consoles as I’m about 3 hours drive away.

    • Lol nubile *mobile it really was auto-correct not my mind.

      • They’ve been up since before 9am today.

        Rocket League is a bit fun, but it’s going to get boring quite quickly. And the AI is a bit rubbish.

        Mouse Craft is quite cute.

        But Geometry Wars on the Vita is a bit of a disaster. I don’t know if it’s the sticks themselves (compared to the big stiff ones on the PS4) or how they’ve implemented the controls, but it all feels a bit sloppy.

        Stealthy goblin time for me later, I think.

    • Auto-correct usually suggests commonly used words… :O

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