Footage Of An Apparent MediEvil PS4 Game Discovered On Youtube

MediEvil was a series that got some love from Sony back in the original PlayStation days, with two games of the series releasing on that console. There was even a sort of remake of the first released on PSP but since then the hack n slash adventures of Sir Daniel Fortesque have halted. It appears though that there was consideration of bringing the cowardly skeleton knight back for the new generation, at least according to the footage above.


Apparently the video above has been taken from some work done on a PS4 entry for MediEvil, with the main clue being Sir Daniel Fortesque’s face in the top left corner. The video was uploaded by a user called MerseyVids and the description says “Box projected cubemap water reflection shader I wrote for a PS4 game that was never released.”

So it was never released meaning it could have been cancelled, or at least shelved for now. Or a new MediEvil could be in development after all. Of course this footage is unverified at the moment, but I for one would like a new MediEvil game.

Source: Youtube via SpAM_CAN Twitter



  1. MediEvil was one of my favourite PS1 games so I would be really chuffed if the series continues.

  2. Isn’t this part of fan made video trailer

    • Nope this guy actually worked for Sony, different thing.

  3. I for two would also like a new MediEvil game.

  4. Do we know which studio this guy works/worked for? (Desperately trying to link Studio Liverpool to a revival of sorts). I know they only do testing (supposedly) in Liverpool now, but around 9 months ago, apparently all non permanent staff were removed from the Liverpool offices as they started a new project that they didn’t seem to be expecting.

    It was probably just QA for something that’s since been announced, but I’ll grasp at any straw that might even slightly link to Studio Liverpool making a comeback.

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