MediEvil update 1.02 now live, adds new features

Sony and developer Other Ocean have released a new update for their MediEvil PS4 remake. Available now, update 1.02 adds some new quality of life changes to the game while deploying fixes for various issues.


The new patch adds a bit more meat to MediEvil’s bones, weighing in at 898MB. If you select the game’s icon from the PlayStation 4 home menu, then press the update history option there’s little info on what update 1.02 does. Luckily the development team at Other Ocean posted a little explainer on Twitter:

  • New camera rotation speed option
  • Toggle-able Dan Cam
  • Less aggressive Dan Cam re-centering
  • R3 resets camera behind Dan
  • New 30 FPS lock option
  • Lots of fixes for various reported issues

Looking at the list there’s no major new features to get excited for though those playing through Sir Dan’s quest will appreciate the quality of life improvements you don’t always see following the launch of smaller video games.

Unfortunately, this is no indicator that Other Ocean will be adding more content to its MediEvil remake but we shouldn’t rule it out entirely. Though many fans want to believe, there’s no signs to suggest that the game’s kooky 2000 sequel is also getting a remake.

When MediEvil launched last month it was met with mostly positive reviews from the gaming press, currently standing at a respectable 68% score average over on OpenCritic.

This pretty much lines up with our own 7/10 review perfectly – here’s a summary:

MediEvil resurrects one of our all-time favourite PlayStation mascots for a new generation. This remake does exactly what it promises, revamping dated visuals while staying faithful to the 1998 original, even if that means digging up certain design choices that have remained buried with Sir Dan all these years.

Those wanting more from MediEvil might want to check out its trophy list or may be interested in reading about the tie-in comic, a story which MediEvil’s creators have been waiting to tell fans for years.

Source: Twitter

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