17-BIT Puts Vita Version Of Galak-Z “On Ice” Due To Tech Limitations

Over a year ago 17-BIT announced Galak-Z for PS4, Vita, and PC, a procedurally generated shoot-em up that was supposed to arrive in 2014. Obviously we’re in 2015 in now and the game has still yet to release. Now 17-BIT has confirmed that the Vita version is on hold, and may not happen to the technical limitations of Sony’s handheld, specifically the RAM not being able to handle the game as well as the studio had hoped.


There are other issues beside the RAM for example the Unity engine not being able to work properly with Galak-Z’s 3D design and AI. 17-BIT are disappointed in not being able to bring Galak-Z to the Vita. The PS4 and PC release date is yet to be confirmed.

Source: Twitter



  1. Sad but understandable given how impressive the title was looking at E3.
    I’m still really looking forward to the PS4 release soon.

  2. Not sure I’ll bother picking this up now then, which is a shame…

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