Gunscape Shoots To Release On Xbox One & PC September 9th, PS4 & Wii U Q1 2016

Blowfish Studios has announced that Gunscape, an FPS and level building hybrid, will be released on PC & Xbox One on September 9th, though it is in free early access on Steam at the moment. The PS4 & Wii U won’t be left out either as Gunscape is expected to launch in Q1 2016 on those platforms. Players will be able to design their own maps and share them online, with cross platform support so all maps will be available to players regardless on which platform it was created on.

Now while the trailer does show up to eight player split screen that is dependant on the platform are using. Blowfish write in the press release:

Gunscape offers online or local multiplayer with split-screen supporting up to four players on PlayStation 4 and eight players on PC and Xbox One.”

The four player limit on PS4 is down to the fact that the console can only have four controllers connected to it at once, which limits what Blowfish could do on the system.

Source: Press Release


  1. Should’ve just called it Doomcraft.

  2. I appreciate that this is an ambitious project with what they are looking to include, but why is everything looking like it came out 20 years ago these days?? :/

    I don’t mind the odd bit of ‘retro-ism’, but it’s getting out of hand if you ask me.

    I just feel sorry for time travellers who base their whereabouts in time on video games. They are screwed.

    • I guess this is considered what is cool at the moment. To be fair if the gameplay is good why worry about the graphics.

      I’m not one to sit there and admire the scenery on BF4 etc.

      • Because I didn’t buy a PS4 to run games that look like they belong on a Sega Master System.

        I’m ok with the odd ‘retro’ title here or there, but it seems like its mostly these sorts of things with the odd smattering of new gen titles these days.

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