Goat Simulator Herds Towards PS4 & PS3 On August 11th

Coffee Stain Studio’s Goat Simulator started life as a silly joke, but as this industry proves time and again anything can be made into a game and be successful. The right conditions are required for success and Goat Simulator managed to garner a lot of attention. Now PS4 & PS3 owners will soon be able to take part in the absurdity that Coffee Stain Studios wrought on to the world, as a release date of August 11th has been confirmed.

Goat Simulator will have local multiplayer with the PS3 version allowing for two players to cause chaos together, while on the PS4 that number doubles to four players being able to take part in the goat filled madness together. The PlayStation editions will also include GoatVR mode, though it doesn’t actually require a VR headset to use. Instead GoatVR is a simulated experience which I guess you’ll have to try to really get.

Source: PS Blog



  1. 4 player local multilayer makes this sound interesting,could be fun.

  2. If it’s super-cheap I might have a look.

  3. if they include the Goat Z and the MMO modes, it could be worth getting.

  4. I expect a ridiculous price for this, which will in turn make me not buy it.
    Currently under a pound on iOS.

    • It’s £8 on xbox, which I don’t think is too bad, though I haven’t played it.

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