Hustle Kings Gets A Free Snooker Expansion July 29th

Sony has announced that Hustle Kings will be getting a free snooker expansion tomorrow, which will include Snooker 6 and full size games in both online leagues and tournaments. There will also be the option to buy the Snooker Exhibition Pack, and that will you allow to play snooker offline as well as online against other pack owners in private matches, without the need to use credits.


The full update notes are as follows:

  • Online league games and tournaments featuring Snooker 6 and full size snooker games
  • Special timed events will now allow you to play nine-ball games online for a limited time
  • A range of weird and wonderful cues available for purchase in the in game store to allow you to stand out from the crowd when playing online.

More content is being worked on for Hustle Kings though these expansions will not be releasing for months yet.

Source: PS Blog