Hustle Kings Comes To PS4 As A Free To Play Game

Let’s start with the storm-in-a-teacup controversy; Pure Pool, developed by VooFoo and published by Ripstone, was released on PS4 three weeks ago. It has now been announced that Hustle Kings, a PS3 game developed by VooFoo, is now coming to PS4 published by Sony and developed by, well, someone else, we’re not sure who.

“Hey, just to clarify this version of Hustle Kings was not developed by VooFoo Studios. They’ve been hard at work making Pure Pool and another team unrelated to them made this version of Hustle Kings for us,” said Sony’s Neil McPhillips.

“Anyone who has purchased Pure Pool should not feel upset as both games offer quite a different experience.”

The new version of Hustle Kings will be available to buy in full or you can download the free-to-play version that uses Hustle Kings Credits (HKC) as an in game currency. Presumably you will have to purchase these credits with real money to unlock certain features of the game.

The free-to-play core package includes all the basics you need to enjoy the game including a practise mode, a career and a new League mode where you can compete online and “rise through the online tiers.”

Also included are daily leader boards and global rankings for the game’s top earners and players.

Source: EU Blog



  1. Any upgrade path? Quite enjoyed the PS3 version. Bought the snooker pack I think.

  2. So shall we just assume this is totally pointless and probably ends up costing more than Pure Pool does?

    As pool games go, Pure Pool is rather good. Physics seems to be spot on (which means, if you’re a physicist, you’ll be shit at it ;) and there’s no cheating (no ridiculously long aiming lines to show where the balls will end up after bouncing about 6 times and no top down view). And no stupid trick shot modes where you start to wonder how much they tweaked the physics to make it possible. The AI can be quite evil too. Or it can have a bad day and pot the wrong thing straight away and let you win that way. I’ve even seen it aim for the wrong ball. (Never seen it beat my best shot though. That takes skill to pot 3 balls. And the cue ball. And make another ball leave the table. All in one shot)

    I think this probably more expensive “free” game has a bit of a challenge ahead of it.

  3. Balls, quite literally.
    I wouldn’t have bothered with Pure Pool if i had known this was coming. Very disappointed with PP, it’s really just an online game and the AI is all over the place for the SP mode, pulling off crazy trick shots during the first amateur match but playing like someone blind three games later.. Camera is too limited to be considered useful and the game has no personality whatsoever, imabho.

    • I think the camera is not so much limited as “realistic”. There’s no overhead view, but then you wouldn’t have that if you were playing pool on a real table, would you? Not unless you were to start climbing on the furniture. Which isn’t advisable. At best, you’ll be politely asked to leave.

      Personally, the limited options in aiming lines and camera angles helps. It encourages you to actually think about what’s about to happen. With all those helpful cheats, yes, you’ll get the ball you’re aiming for in (at least fairly often), but without them you have to work to do that and you’ll probably think about where the cue ball is going to end up afterwards.

      Having played (and enjoyed) Hustle Kings on the PS3, I’d say Pure Pool is a lot easier, for those reasons and the more consistent and realistic physics. I can pot a lot more balls in a row. Of course, once you go wrong, the AI can come along and do just as well and win the game. Unless it screws something up. Which it does, sometimes. It makes stupid mistakes at about the frequency you might expect though. So unless you get lucky and it does lots of stupid things, you’ve certainly got to play well to win. And as you progress through the career and improve, the AI makes less mistakes and pots more balls. It always seems to be just that little bit better than you. Not so much that a complete slaughter is inevitable, just enough to make it a challenge you can actually beat.

      Or you can play like a complete muppet, twat your balls all over the place as hard as you can and hope for the best. Which is a perfectly valid option. It just might take quite a few attempts to get lucky and win.

      • Opinions on this game are clearly split. A WeView might be a good idea.

      • One of the first things i said about there being no over head camera is that at least it’s more realistic,you can’t float above the table in the pub,I really enjoy Hustle Kings but with the aim lines and over head camera it makes it a lot easier,playing online 90% or so of the time you may aswell put your feet up as your opponent clears up.

      • Yes. Opinions are obviously split, with at least 1 person agreeing with me on the overhead camera thing.

        A WeView would settle it.

        As would a good old fashioned jousting contest. Admittedly, that seems the less likely way to solve these things, with the organisation involved, and quite probably expensive insurance being needed these days. But, and this is the important part, it’d be a lot more fun.

        Until someone gets hurt. Which is probably inevitable. So it might not be a good plan.

  4. Not being a pool expert in any way, but seems to me that Pure Pool is more of a sim-ish and Hustle Kings is more arcade-ish focussed. Like Gran Turismo and DriveClub. Why can’t 2 pool games exist?

  5. Enjoyed HKs on PS4 and Vita so will definitely give it a go.

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