First Footage Of Crackdown 3 Makes Its Debut At Gamescom

Crackdown 3 is a game that many have wanted to see since it was announced, and Microsoft has shown off the first bit of footage at Gamescom. The game is set in a new city with more criminal elements taking over the streets, with your agent tasked with taking down the hierarchy in anyway you please. The footage is alpha and you can kind of tell. The movement does look a bit stilted but hopefully that improves with time.


Crackdown 3’s multiplayer will have 100% destructible environments, with The Cloud getting a mention once again. Apparently it adds 20 times more computational power to the Xbox One to help run Crackdown 3 somehow.

Source: MS Gamescom Conference



  1. The buildings seems to break apart like they were made from Lego rather than, well, building stuff. Looks a bit odd to me.

    • Looks a lot like how things fell to pieces in Red Faction Guerrilla. Just with less hammers.

      • That was a great game. Lots of fun destroying buildings.

  2. Loved Crackdown 1, not so much the sequel which was very disappointing. This looks like its back on track. Nice to hear the original narrator.

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