Crackdown 3’s Comprehensive Destruction Model Shown In New Demo

An interesting gameplay demonstration for Crackdown 3 just hit the web, offering a much larger perspective on the fancy destruction we caught a glimpse of in the trailer they showed at Microsoft’s presser. The fellow giving the demonstration shows just how comprehensive their destruction model is by shooting large holes in walls, knocking down buildings piece by piece, and eventually blowing up pretty much everything in sight.

What’s interesting about this demo is that he repeatedly talks about how this type of destruction is using cloud server support to handle all the physics calculations. This isn’t the first time they’ve mentioned this, but it’s interesting how he specifically demonstrates that what they’re doing in the demo requires way more computing power than the Xbox One is capable of. At one point near the finale of the demo, they were using ten different servers to handle all the destruction.


On the one hand, it all looks very impressive, and it’s neat to see all the different ways they can utilise Microsoft’s dedicated servers to make games all the more immersive. On the other, we still don’t know what happens if you’re not connected to the internet. Is this type of destruction only available in multiplayer, or will the game simply require an internet connection? Or perhaps the destruction is just much more simple and doesn’t look nearly as impressive if you’re playing offline?

Time will surely tell us.

Source: YouTube



  1. Pretty impressive stuff though I doubt it will work this good in a real life scenario with wildly different connections.
    Did they say multiplayer will start next summer?

  2. Given that Kinnect didnt work as shown, and Hololens turned out to only have a tiny strip of VR in view rather than the full view like they showed in videos, I’m not exactly trusting Microsoft’s word when it comes to pie-in-thesky tech. This may work wonderfully in a controlled environment, much like Kinect did, but in the real world.. hmm.

    • Cloud computing is hardly pie in the sky tech. It’s been around and proven for a while now. Do keep up.

  3. Looks good, quite similar to screamride’s destruction, but on a citywide scale. I like how they explained how the cloud worked so even the less bright journalists could understand it.

    I’m wondering will the buildings regenerate after a time or could you destroy the whole city and it stay that way for the whole game?

  4. Whenever I hear ‘The Cloud’ I always think of those little green aliens from Toy Story’THE CLAAAAWWW!’

    It does look impressive but I find these demonstrations are often exaggerated. Like others have said, let’s see how well this all works in the real world.

  5. Really looking forward to this game as A) ’tis Crackdown and B) Seeing the tech at play.
    As for the internet going down – that is where things are heading, many games require you to be connected for the full experience and in some cases – the whole experience.
    God I wish the whiners shut up back in the day when MS announced an always connected policy, games would be heading in a far more innovative direction.

    • Indeed. Most games this generation are broken without a patch, so DRM or no, internet is required. Makes the debacle of DRM two years ago insignificant.

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